Astrological news this week: Supercharged intelligence under the Aquarius Full Moon

Astrological update for the week of August 8-15, 2022

art by Lori Menna

Other than the Full Moon (read on for more), the biggest news this week is a harmonious trine from Jupiter to Ceres. Jupiter is expansive and buoyant, and tends to expand whatever energies are in its path and in this case those energies are focused on nurturing the delicate balance of body, mind and spirit that nourish the soul in incarnated form. Nutritious food, expressions of physical joy such as movement and dance, bathing the senses through aromatherapy and forms of touch – these are all ways in which Ceres can inspire greater balance within to help us through challenging times.

Jupiter’s influence in this cooperative aspect helps to expand the focus on these activities to nurture the body and soul. This will of course happen without any attention from us, but if we take advantage of the sunshine provided by Jupiter we can experience even more benefit from actions to support our physical and mental health.

This is a great lead-up to the Aquarius Full Moon on August 11th. The emotional and sensitive Moon is not always that comfortable in Aquarius, the sign of the transpersonal and the detachment of science and reason, and the Leo Sun carries the archetype of brilliant self-expression which is at odds here with the dispassion of Aquarius. All Full Moons feature the Sun and Moon in opposite signs, and a balance and integration between the two polarities is required.

Aquarius is ruled traditionally by the planet Saturn, the dispassionate arbiter of truth and justice, and its modern ruler is Uranus which bestows the quirky eccentricity which we often associate with Aquarius. Under the Aquarius Full Moon […]

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