Leo Moon

Sunday inspiration for the Leo Moon

The Moon enters Leo this Sunday morning April 1st.  Leo is the sign that teaches us to find joy amidst the pathos of everyday life, and celebrate life and our own unique individuality at every moment.


To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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New Moon in Leo, August 9 2010

New Moon august 9The New Moon occurs in Leo on August 9th at 11:08 pm (Eastern time).  The lunation itself (the Sun/Moon conjunction) makes no aspects to any other planet, which suggests that the power of self-expression can act forcefully, unencumbered by any other influence. This is a wonderful time to start a new creative venture, or a program to market your business. Anything that puts YOU on center stage is appropriate with this New Moon.

Leo is about celebration and joy, but there is a dark side as well.  On the Astrodynamics Facebook page, when the Moon went into Leo I wrote “It’s all about ME now.”  A reader responded, “”You’d think, with leo sun, leo asc, leo mars, leo uranus & leo in my 2nd house I’d love it when it’s all about me. But I don’t. This whole day has had me feeling trancelike, lost, sad and sort of pointless.”  Reading this I pondered the way in which Leo’s focus on Self can make us self-involved and cause us to lose sight of the Flow, and sure enough this reader later added:   After thinking about it some more last night, it seems to me I actually WAS making it all about me, even if it wasn’t positive/power/confident thinking, I still was pointedly aware of myself all day.”

Everything astrological has both a positive and negative manifestation.  We like to think of Leo as representing the celebration of life; the Divine Child whose innocence and joy lights up the path of everyone that surrounds him or her.  But the dark side of Leo is Self-involvement and egocentricity.   In this New Moon the power of the conscious mind (Sun) and the instinctive emotions (Moon) combine […]

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Rudy Giuliani – A sure road to 2012?

To Americans in the Heartland, Rudolph Giuliani was the mayor who led the people of New York through the difficult days after September 11 2001. While the President read a storybook to children and the Vice President fled into a bunker, Rudy Giuliani was the leader that all eyes turned to. To many New Yorkers, however, Giuliani was an arrogant and imperious mayor, who reduced crime by increasing police brutality and ironically failed to protect the city during the September 11 terrorist attacks by locating the Office of Emergency Management inside the World Trade Center, a move much criticized because of the previous attack against the World Trade Center. And few will soon forget the scandal over his announcement at a press conference that he was leaving his wife Donna Hanover for his lover Judith Nathan, an announcement not previously made to his wife. On September 10 2001, Giuliani’s approval ratings had fallen to 37%. Still, conservatives admire Giuliani’s tough stance on crime and his aggressive leadership style, as well as his encouragement of business and real estate development during his tenure as mayor.

So who is Rudy Giuliani really? Astrologically, his Sun is in the changeable sign of Gemini, the sign of flexibility, adaptation and communication. Gemini is driven to experience as many things as possible in one lifetime. Because of this, they are able to accomplish a great deal although they have a tendency to lose focus. Giuliani’s Sun is conjunct the planet of radical rebellion, Uranus, suggesting that he is a natural born rebel. Sun/Uranus people resist authority and must do things their own way, they flout convention and tend to dislike emotional attachment. Giuliani’s chart lacks the element of water that provides a conduit for the emotions, and this combined with the Sun/Uranus […]

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The Smartest Guy in the Room

Photo from Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Jeff Skilling is currently on trial for his role in the Enron debacle which brought down an entire company and most of its employees and was likely the major culprit in the California energy crisis of a few years ago. Under Skilling’s leadership, in less than a year Enron’s stock soared and then crashed in a spectacular flame of arrogance and deceit.

Skilling’s story is the age-old story of hubris. David A. Skeel Jr. writes that “the very qualities that make Icaran executives special – self-confidence, visionary insight, and extreme competitiveness – spur them to take misguided and even illegal chances.” This sentence could have been written for Jeff Skilling.

“In part, Jeff Skilling’s influence can be explained by his particular brand of intelligence. When people describe Skilling they don’t just use the word “smart” — they use phrases like “incandescently brilliant” or “the smartest person I ever met.”
Skilling in the late 1980s wasn’t a physically striking man — he was smallish, a little pudgy, and balding — but his mental agility was breathtaking.

He could process information and conceptualize new ideas with blazing speed. He could instantly simplify highly complex issues into a sparkling, compelling image. And he presented his ideas with a certainty that bordered on arrogance and brooked no dissent. He used his brainpower not just to persuade but to intimidate.
Without question, Skilling’s formidable intelligence had a lot to do with turning Enron into a company that was successful — at least for a while.

But he also had qualities that were disastrous for someone running a big company. For all his brilliance, Skilling had dangerous blind spots. His management skills were appalling, […]

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Tom Cruise – Candid Revelations or Self Promotion?

Tom Cruise has been shockingly open in recent interviews about his abusive father. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he is promoting his new movie Mission Impossible III. For someone who has made a habit of filing lawsuits any time the press started delving into his personal life, Tom has been amazingly candid lately. From his sofa jumping on the Oprah show to public displays of affection everywhere since his relationship with Katie Holmes began, Tom Cruise appears to be opening up in a brand new way. But is he really?

A recent interview in Parade Magazine exposes some previously unknown facts about Mr. Cruise. Now 5’7″, he was a small child and bullied both at home and at school. He was unable to read and forced into separate classes, causing him to feel excluded and lonely. His reading disability was diagnosed as dyslexia, but he says “labels don’t mean anything.” Parade Magazine quotes contemporaries of Tom during his high school years as being “angry, muscular, intense, obsessed with success.” Tom later became involved in Scientology, probably as a way to manage his emotions. Scientology teaches the power of rational thought, and there is no doubt that Tom has successfully channeled his energies and emotions in a way that has brought him great success.

Tom Cruise was born with the Sun in Cancer, the sensitive sign of the soft shell crab. Cancers are primarily concerned with family, with taking care of others. It’s a sensitive and emotional sign that strongly needs to be nurtured, which is challenging for a man in our society. Cancerian people who do not receive that nurturing at an early age or later in life tend to build a hard crusty […]

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