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5.26.21 – Aftermath of the lunar eclipse

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(Did you miss yesterday’s post on the eclipse? Catch up here.)  Technically the exact eclipse degree culminated this morning at 7:13 am EDT/11:13 am UTC, but the effect of an eclipse can linger for a few days.  Not everyone experiences eclipses in the same way, and we don’t experience eclipses the same way each time.  So much depends on the degree of subconscious material that is ready to emerge, and we can’t always tell what that will be until the time comes!  Here in my house there was quite a bit of subconscious debris that emerged and I don’t mind telling you it wasn’t pretty.  But with that debris swept away, the new growth is emerging and that is so beautiful.

Today we will begin to shed these energies and integrate them in a more conscious way.  The Moon completes the eclipse process by transiting over the South Node of the past, the point at which we release those old patterns and continue the evolutionary shifts.  This occurs in the afternoon EDT/evening UTC, followed by harmonious aspects from the Moon to both Chiron and Saturn to help facilitate the healing process (Chiron) and the rebuilding and reorganization (Saturn) with new plans in place to support the energetic shifts.  This entire process may be so subtle we don’t even notice, or it may be more significant – either way, the effect of an eclipse can last a few days.  If there are changes you’ve been wanting to make, this is the perfect time! ❤️

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5.25.21 – How to prepare for tomorrow’s Sagittarius Supermoon lunar eclipse

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A lunar eclipse is a significant event, and when it is a total eclipse AND a SuperMoon (meaning closest to Earth) it has the potential to be quite powerful.  A lunar eclipse involves a conjunction of the Sun and Moon to the lunar nodes, the points that take us from the past to the future, so there is always a sense of something fated – a meeting perhaps, or even just an awakening of something within us which we have not previously recognized or which can help us to re-imagine situations in our life that may be difficult.

The astrology of the May 26 2021 lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021 occurs at the Sagittarius Full Moon – the expansiveness and desire to reach new heights of meaning and understanding dominate the energies of the eclipse.  Not only is Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, tightly aspecting both the Sun and Moon to bring out a peak experience of some kinds, but the fact that the event is a SuperMoon as well – the Moon is at its closest point to Earth (perigee) and appears gigantic and red.  This is such a powerful metaphor to help us to wake up to the call of the soul, which is really the domain of the Moon.

The astrological chart for this eclipse also contains the square from Saturn (structure and social order) to Uranus (radical change and rebellion) which is the story of 2021 so the expansive potential of the eclipse could drive a burst of revolutionary behavior and activity.  Mars, planet of war and action, is in Cancer right now where it can be cranky and emotionally sensitive (not a happy place […]

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Astrological update for the week of November 30, 2020: Eclipse season, Mercury, and more

In this week’s video I talk about the current eclipse season, stationary Neptune, Mercury moving into Sagittarius, and a peek ahead at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.  And, of course, the day-by-day playbook to help you get the most out of your week.  The transcript is below the video, enjoy!!

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Transcript (transcribed by bots and roughly edited by me for readability):

Hi everybody, welcome back to my channel. My name is Lynn Hayes and in today’s video we’ll be talking about the astrology for the week of November 30 2020. This video will include some talk about the upcoming eclipse season, which I feel is going to be very significant – it’s going to lead us into the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn and Aquarius, which is going to come up around the time of the winter solstice.

Now, just to catch you up on some things from last week, we had Neptune turning directed, had been retrograde for the last six months or so.  Neptune is pretty stationary in the sky, it hasn’t moved much for at least the last couple of months, and it will be fairly stationary for the next month or so as it starts to pick up speed. Neptune, remember is the planet of imagination and creativity and spirituality, it helps us to break out of any kind of rut that we find ourselves in by Neptune can also create some illusion and confusion. And right now Neptune is in a […]

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The offering of the lunar eclipse on November 30, 2020

photo by Mohammad Taher Pilevar on SpaceWeather

The Gemini Full Moon on November 30th (at 4:29 am EST) is also a penumbral lunar eclipse.  A lunation (New or Full Moon) becomes an eclipse when it is adjacent to the lunar nodes (the crossing points of the path of the Moon over the path of the Sun), and the closer the lunation is to the nodes, the more total the eclipse is and the more intense the fated quality of the eclipse will be.  The lunar nodes are associated with fate and destiny – they mark the journey from past (at the South Node) to future (at the North). In this lunar eclipse, the Gemini Moon is conjunct the North Node of the future, suggesting that curiosity and an open mind can lead our way forward and away from rigid beliefs and ideologies (Sagittarius South Node) that can hold us back.

The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is all about collecting and assimilating information – this is a time to keep an open mind, and prepare for an awakening and a shift in belief systems where necessary.  Gemini can be a trickster – under its influence things are not always what they appear and that is especially true now because Neptune, planet of magic and mystery but also confusion and delusion, is locked in a challenging square to the Nodes.  Information can be a valuable guide, but it can also be a trap if it leads us down a rabbit hole of factoids and half-truths.  However, Mercury, planet of the mind, is in Scorpio where it prefers to probe deeply into a matter before coming to a conclusion, and a harmonious sextile to Pluto enhances and deepens our […]

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Astrological update for the week of November 23, 2020 including lunar eclipse!

This week we have Neptune turning direct and the first of a pair of eclipses with the lunar eclipse at the Gemini Full Moon.  I talk a little about the election even though I tried not to, and give you a run down of what you can expect throughout the week.  I started including time codes in the video so please let me know if you find them useful!  I’m also curious about how relevant people find the charts sprinkled through.  Transcript as always is below the promo stuff.

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Transcript (transcribed by machine and roughly edited for readability, please excuse errors!)

Hey everybody, its Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. And if you’re new here, I’m glad you decided to join me today. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the astrology for the week from November 23 to the 30th 2020. And what a year it has been! On the day that I filmed this, the results of the election are pretty clear. But the winner has not actually been certified. I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about this, I have spoken about it in the past few videos. And if you’re interested, please take a look. I will do a post mortem once things are finalized, and we can move on.

One thing I do want to just mention, a lot of astrologers are talking about the fact that Mercury turns direct on Election Day, […]

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