1.28.21. Venus conjunct Pluto at a big Jupiterian Leo Full Moon

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The Moon is full in Leo on January 28, 2021 at 2:16 pm, emphasizing the need for a higher level of self-expression under Leo which still honors the needs of the collective under the Aquarius Sun.  The Sun is one of four planets in Aquarius, so there is a great deal of Aquarian focus on reason and rational thinking concerning that which is good for everyone and not just the individual.  But the Leo Full Moon is focused on the lunar energies which encourage self-value, self-esteem, and an ability to discover a joy which emanates from within and isn’t dependent upon the whims and opinions of others.

Under Leo, which after all is ruled by the Sun itself, we are asked to shine as brightly as we are able.  Rather than hide our light out of false modesty or insecurity, Leo encourages us to emerge from the shadows with all of our natural brightness and joy intact just as a small child greets the world before any traumas have a chance to interfere.

This brightening of the heart’s inner light is aided here by Jupiter, which is nearly exactly conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon in the Full Moon chart. Jupiter adds a layer of optimism but also a need to expand in all ways, resisting any effort to confine or restrict our natural abilities.  Saturn is also present, counteracting the Jupiterian expansion and optimism as it so often does but here in Aquarius it does so with a more reasoned and practical approach which seeks alternatives rather than tighter constraints and control as it did under Capricorn.

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Embedded in the chart for the Full Moon […]

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1.21.21 A day to enhance wellbeing with Ceres conjunct Neptune

Has anyone slept for the past few days under the conjunction of Mars to Uranus? Uranus is the Awakener and he certainly kept me awake.  These Mars-y energies are on the wane but it will take a few days for the pressure to ease.  Meanwhile, a conjunction from Ceres (nurturing the self) conjunct Neptune (transcendent experiences) in Pisces today can help us to soothe jangled nerves and regain internal balance through enhanced inner connection and spiritual nutrition.  This is a good day to take a break from the news and enjoy some delicious food, as Ceres regulates the incorporation of nutrition into the body and spirit.

The Taurus Moon has completed its passage over Uranus and Mars, and is restabilizing and finding a new center today. Taurus craves the peace and serenity of earthly experience, and helps us to ground and rebalance.  A brief flirtation with the Black Moon Lilith this morning EST will open the door for Lilith’s passion for social justice to retrograde back over Mars and Uranus over the next few days. Attention will be paid to the emerging growth of the power of women – there may be a backlash, but that’s how evolution happens. ❤️

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1.20.21 It may be a bumpy ride, but the natural world awaits

art by Janie Olsen

I’ve been talking in my videos about the chart for the Inauguration being pretty intense, and today we get to taste it!  The Moon leaves fiery Aries for comfort-loving Taurus at 1:56 pm EST, which would normally be a cozy respite of snuggling and luxury.  However, Mars, the planet of fire, desire and aggression, is pretty much exactly conjunct Uranus (radical rebellion) all day and especially as it gets close to its exact conjunction at 3:37 pm.  But wait, that’s not all!  The cozy Taurus Moon will form a stressful square to the Sun and Saturn in the afternoon of January 20, and very early in the morning (EST) on January 21st the Moon will form a square to Jupiter, while Mars conjoins Uranus.

I realize this may be overly technical for some of my readers, but the gist of it is that there is a lot of inflammatory energies swirling around without much focus for most of the day on the 20th.  However, we can soothe our jangled nerves and calm our frayed sensitivities by using the deliciousness of the Taurus Moon to find comfort in the earthy things of pleasure – gardens, trees, flowers, any kind of experience which brings you a sense of well-being will be of great benefit on this day!  And speaking of well-being, with Ceres, the asteroid/planet of nurturing the self, approaching a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces ( to help us delve more deeply into the realm of spirit to find a comfort that goes beyond the superficial), the divine nature spirits will be on hand to give their assistance. ❤️

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1.19.21 The meaning of the Sun in Aquarius

art by Julie Dillon

The sign that the Sun travels through casts a light of that sign’s influence across the land, and we are all affected by it no matter what our individual chart looks like. The Sun enters Aquarius at 3:39 pm Eastern time today, at which point there will be four three in Aquarius: Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun.  This takes us fully into Aquarius season, and into the Aquarian experience of detachment, reason, community, collegiality – a nice change from what we’ve had under the Capricornian influence of 2020 which is pretty much every man for himself.

There is a lot of fiery energy right now, however – the Moon (feelings) has moved into Aries (fire and individual need) and energies are building for tomorrow’s (January 20) conjunction from Mars to Uranus which is already stirring up rebellion and radical departures from established ways of doing things.  It may be difficult to sleep over the next couple of days under that excitable influence in which the aggression of Mars combines with the resistance of Uranus to the status quo, but on the other hand, this influence helps us to more easily embrace the new and release the old.  And all of this occurs under the Aquarian umbrella of fairness, reason and equality which can hopefully take us in a positive direction. ❤️

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Astrological update for the week of January 18, 2021: Inauguration astrology, a lot of Mars, and heads up for Mercury retrograde

Today’s video is not political! And I’m very relieved that the weekend did not turn out to be the chaotic disruption that was promised after January 6th so I’m hopeful for a smooth presidential transition this week after the inauguration.  However, I do spend a few minutes talking about the chart for the inauguration, as well as some thoughts for how to manage these challenging times. Mercury will turn retrograde on January 30th so we might as well start to prepare now as the speed of Mercury begins to slow down.  Transcript follows the promo material.


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Transcript (transcribed by electronic monsters and roughly edited by me, please forgive errors)

Hey everybody, it’s Lynn Hayes here. Welcome back to another video. And if you’re new here, a special welcome to you as well, especially to my Facebook friends who joined me this week, there was a big group of them that all signed up. So I really appreciate your being here and look forward to sharing more videos with you.

We’re living in very interesting times right now. And just to recap a little bit last year, we had a lot of compression and restriction under a big influence of Capricorn. This year, we are moving into Aquarius and also a square from Saturn to Uranus, Saturn, the planet of restriction Uranus being the planet of radical change, radical revolution, and Jupiter, the planet of freedom is also tied in there. It’s not surprising then that there’s a fair […]

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