Mars conjunct Uranus

Astrological news this week:

Astrological update for the week of August 1-8, 2022

art may be by Reina Cottier

Mars/Uranus/North Node.  This week will begin with the climactic conjunction of Mars to Uranus and the North Node, an event which was building last week and peaks on Monday. Mars is fiery action and Uranus is the rebellious departure from the norm, so together they make quite a team. Meanwhile the North Node calls to us from the future, asking that we make the correct choices to lead us down the road to where our destiny awaits.  We may feel somewhat scattered and anxious, especially on Monday but also as the week winds down along with the planetary energies, but within that anxiety there are clues to the path towards a more enlightened future.

Mercury enters Virgo August 4. Mercury is quite happy in Virgo, one of its rulership signs, where it can put its analytic skills to work. Over the next few weeks our problem-solving skills will get a nice boost and if there’s any area of your life that needs more organization, this is the time to get out the spreadsheets and notebooks.

Venus is active, harmonizing with Mars, Uranus and Neptune throughout the week. Harmonious Venus aspects help to bring greater personal equanimity and peaceful relations with others so this is a good thing.

Mars square Saturn. The challenging square from Saturn (rules and order) to Uranus (rebellion and revolution) which was the hallmark of 2021 is mostly finished, but this aspect will tighten through the rest of the summer and early fall. Even though the aspect won’t again be exact, it will be close enough to be felt and transits of Mars and Mercury will […]

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Astrological news this week: Leo New Moon and Mars/Uranus packs a punch

Astrological update for the week of July 24-31, 2022

art by Joanne Taylor


Lack of the air element. Currently there is an astrological imbalance in the skies with a lack of planets in air signs. The only planet in air is Saturn in Aquarius, and Saturn shows where there is a detriment that needs to be worked on. Air is the element of objectivity and clarity, and without the influence of the air element we can become hyper-energized without any real purpose (fire), stuck in patterns and overly rooted in the past (earth), and lost in feelings without perspective (water).

Leo New Moon. I mention this because the Leo New Moon on July 28th will offer a surge of purifying fire, perhaps with a cascade of enthusiasm that will be amplified by the conjunction of Mars to Uranus. But without the vision of air, we may find ourselves spinning our wheels with no apparent purpose. This week it might be useful to have a plan.

This Leo New Moon is loosely tied into a beautiful trine to Jupiter, currently in Aries where we seek adventure and the courage to conquer all of our fears and blaze a new path. It also conjoins Ceres, the planet that nourishes our very relationship between body and soul, infusing us, potentially, with a new way to really love ourselves. Leo has a big heart and is generous of spirit, it is ruled by the Sun and helps to feed a positive image of Self.  This is a wonderful time to look at ourselves with kinder eyes, to appreciate our skills and talents and save the criticism for another time.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th. We are fully in retrograde season […]

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Next week’s Mars/Uranus/Node conjunction: How bad is it?

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TLDR*: Next week will be a challenge, but don’t expect the end of the world.

Several people have asked me about the upcoming dramatic conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the Nodes.  The exact date of this alignment is August 1st, and the Mars/Uranus conjunction will be exact at 7:42 EDT. One client sent me this article from Vedic astrologer Joni Patry who wrote: “this is a very pivotal month of enormous, sudden and explosive events that will trigger tremendous changes. The astrological-historical patterns strongly suggest this could culminate into a modern Civil War not just in America but around the whole world. I know I see much of this occurring in the United States, but it will be replicated all over the world.”

It’s somewhat difficult to comment on Ms. Patry’s article because she uses the Vedic Sidereal system in which the planets are considered in their actual place in the sky. I, and most other modern astrologers, use the Tropical system where the 0 degree point of the cardinal signs occurs at the Solstices and Equinoxes. In her system the triple conjunction is taking place in Aries, the fire sign which is ruled by Mars and therefore can be somewhat explosive. In the Tropical system, the conjunction is in Taurus which is much more placid and while less explosive, the changes that occur under a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Taurus can be slow to develop and long lasting.

The debate between the Sidereal and Tropical systems has been raging for hundreds of years and I have no interest in entering that particular fray today! It has been my experience that in personal readings the Tropical system is more accurate. But nevertheless, I’d like to […]

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1.28.21. Venus conjunct Pluto at a big Jupiterian Leo Full Moon

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The Moon is full in Leo on January 28, 2021 at 2:16 pm, emphasizing the need for a higher level of self-expression under Leo which still honors the needs of the collective under the Aquarius Sun.  The Sun is one of four planets in Aquarius, so there is a great deal of Aquarian focus on reason and rational thinking concerning that which is good for everyone and not just the individual.  But the Leo Full Moon is focused on the lunar energies which encourage self-value, self-esteem, and an ability to discover a joy which emanates from within and isn’t dependent upon the whims and opinions of others.

Under Leo, which after all is ruled by the Sun itself, we are asked to shine as brightly as we are able.  Rather than hide our light out of false modesty or insecurity, Leo encourages us to emerge from the shadows with all of our natural brightness and joy intact just as a small child greets the world before any traumas have a chance to interfere.

This brightening of the heart’s inner light is aided here by Jupiter, which is nearly exactly conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon in the Full Moon chart. Jupiter adds a layer of optimism but also a need to expand in all ways, resisting any effort to confine or restrict our natural abilities.  Saturn is also present, counteracting the Jupiterian expansion and optimism as it so often does but here in Aquarius it does so with a more reasoned and practical approach which seeks alternatives rather than tighter constraints and control as it did under Capricorn.

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Embedded in the chart for the Full Moon […]

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1.21.21 A day to enhance wellbeing with Ceres conjunct Neptune

Has anyone slept for the past few days under the conjunction of Mars to Uranus? Uranus is the Awakener and he certainly kept me awake.  These Mars-y energies are on the wane but it will take a few days for the pressure to ease.  Meanwhile, a conjunction from Ceres (nurturing the self) conjunct Neptune (transcendent experiences) in Pisces today can help us to soothe jangled nerves and regain internal balance through enhanced inner connection and spiritual nutrition.  This is a good day to take a break from the news and enjoy some delicious food, as Ceres regulates the incorporation of nutrition into the body and spirit.

The Taurus Moon has completed its passage over Uranus and Mars, and is restabilizing and finding a new center today. Taurus craves the peace and serenity of earthly experience, and helps us to ground and rebalance.  A brief flirtation with the Black Moon Lilith this morning EST will open the door for Lilith’s passion for social justice to retrograde back over Mars and Uranus over the next few days. Attention will be paid to the emerging growth of the power of women – there may be a backlash, but that’s how evolution happens. ❤️

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