Mars in Aries

Astrological news this week: Mars in its happy place and a Gemini New Moon

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Astrological update for the week of May 23-30, 2022

Mars in Aries. The instinct for self-preservation is a critical one for the survival of a human individual the role of Mars is to preserve the Self and to gratify desire.  Mars is particularly strong when in the sign of Aries, and Mars will enter Aries on Tuesday May 24.  While in Aries, Mars is at its most potent and the aggressive force is permitted full expression, unhampered by the niceties of signs like Libra or Pisces, by practical considerations such as Capricorn and Taurus would exercise, or by reason and intellectual processing such as Gemini and Aquarius would instigate.  It is pure, unadulterated need and drive.

When this basic force of need is thwarted, frustration is the result.  A certain amount of frustration leads to anger, and chronic anger leads to chronic rage and health problems.  The idea that Mars is a malefic planet that brings no good is a feature of traditional forms of astrology in which the outcome of human life is considered to be fated. It’s certainly true that when Mars is positioned opposite a difficult planet like Pluto, it can bring misfortune to the native especially in early life. We often see some kind of abuse or oppression under these circumstances. Actress Samantha Morton, for example, has Mars in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra and she has talked about the abuse she experienced while in foster care and her life has not been easy. But the personal empowerment experience after mastering the challenges that a Mars/Pluto combination can bring can also bring great success and deep feelings of satisfaction.

At any rate, a healthy Mars […]

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11.9.20 Integration required with Venus opposite Mars today

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Today we have Venus in its own sign of Libra opposite Mars in its own sign of Aries.  This is the most pure form of this polarity between Venus, the planet of connection and accommodation (as well as beauty and aesthetics and values and so much more) facing off against Mars, the planet of individuation and desire and need (as well as motivation and anger and boundaries etc.).  All oppositions represent polarities that require integration.  If we give in too much in the name of achieving harmony under Venus in Libra, we will lose a sense of Self that Mars requires.  But if we focus too much on our own needs under Mars in Aries, we lose the ability to connect with others and achieve more satisfying relationships.

The Moon has just entered Virgo which aids in the effort to create order, and this can be a real help today in finding that balance point.  Later today the Moon will align in a harmonious trine to Uranus which can foster new ideas and the discovery of a new way to break out of a difficult situation.  The keyword for today’s influences is Balance Point.  ❤️

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Sunday inspiration for the inner warrior

Oya, the Warrior Goddess, by Francisco Santos

Mars represents the inner warrior – our courage and ability to defend ourselves.  Mars entered Aries, where it is most powerful, on  June 27, 2020 and because of its retrograde cycle it will not leave Aries until January 6th.  While Mars is in Aries it will stress the 2020 Capricorn stellium for much of the year (watch this two-minute video to see how the 2020 planetary drama unfolded).  This story from Pema Chodron is perfect for helping us to tap into this warrior energy and do battle with our own fears. 

Once there was a young warrior. Her teacher told her that she had to do battle with fear.

She didn’t want to do that. It seemed too aggressive; it was scary; it seemed unfriendly. But the teacher said she had to do it and gave her the instructions for the battle.

The day arrived. The student warrior stood on one side, and fear stood on the other. The warrior was feeling very small, and fear was looking big and wrathful. They both had their weapons.

The young warrior roused herself and went toward fear, prostrated three times, and asked, “May I have permission to go into battle with you?” Fear said, “Thank you for showing me so much respect that you ask permission.”

Then the young warrior said, “How can I defeat you?” Fear replied, “My weapons are that I talk fast, and I get very close to your face. Then you get completely unnerved, and you do whatever I say. If you don’t do what I tell you, I have no power. You can listen to me, and you can have respect for […]

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Monday astro update for the week of September 28, 2020 including the Aries Full Moon

Here’s your regular weekly update, complete with a bit more about the Aries Full Moon (but be sure to check out my complete post on this lunation which I feel will be important in helping us integrate the planetary intensity of the moment).  We also have both Saturn and Pluto turning direct for more big energy shifts, and Venus moving from Leo into Virgo.  I’ll also be weaving in the details of lunar influences so that you can put the whole picture together for your planning.  Transcription is below, but as I always I encourage you to watch the video to get the more complete picture as I feel that a lot is lost in the translation!  Have a great week everyone.


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Hey everybody, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Lynn Hayes. And every week I give you all the astrological information that you need to have a great week. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the Aries Full Moon, Saturn and Pluto changing direction. And we’re going to be talking about Venus moving from Leo into Virgo. So without further ado, let’s get started.

This video is covering the period between September 28 and October 5, and on September 29 Saturn is going to be turning direct. So just to recap, if you’ve been watching these videos you’ll know that we’ve had a lot of retrograde planets all through the summer, and now the number of retrogrades is beginning to diminish. So with Saturn, which has been retrograde all summer, turning direct, meaning it will […]

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The meaning of this month’s New Moon in Leo, August 18 2020

The New Moon takes place August 18th, at 10:41 pm Eastern time when the Sun and the Moon converge at 26 degrees Leo.  The symbolism of the New Moon has always struck me, since the actual New Moon occurs not when the first crescent makes its appearance, but when the Moon is invisible in the sky, obscured by the light of the Sun.  When the Moon is dark, we are able to see the stars at night, and the creatures of the night make themselves known. The dark Moon is the Balsamic Moon – a time of endings, letting go, and releasing the old before the Moon is new again at the conjunction to the Sun.

Each new lunar cycle offers an opportunity to begin anew, and we have left the season of Cancer, ruled by the Moon and now find ourselves in Leo, the realm of the Sun.  The Leo New Moon is a symbolic time to turn our attention to the Self, as Leo’s purpose is to find the highest expression of our best Selves.  Not the small self, with its petty needs and wants, but the larger Self which has much to share with the world.  Leo is also the sign of royalty, encouraging us to fulfill the role that was served by kings and queens in ancient times of bridging the gap between humanity and the gods.  There is a nobility to Leo and a deep inner sense of importance that walks a tightrope between the healthy ego and attachment to the gratification of the ego.  Leo also suggests the beauty of the divine child.

This New Moon in Leo includes a tight conjunction to Mercury (planet of the mind), something traditional astrologers call “combust.”  This […]

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