4.5.21 – Supercharge your relationships with Venus and Mars!

art by Dolores Develde

A harmonious interaction between Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini is building throughout the day today and will peak Tuesday morning.  Venus, planet of harmony and relating, is in Aries right now where she is more dynamic and forceful, encouraging us to speak our truth and own our own attitudes.  Aries is ruled by Mars, so the sextile from Venus in Aries to Mars is a double whammy of Martian energies!  Although Venus and Mars are not natural allies – one is sweet and soft (Venus) and the other is hard and aggressive (Mars) – when we can integrate these two forces we can get the most out of each of them.  That is the main influence today.

The Moon has just entered Aquarius and will be quite busy over the next few days, interacting with nearly every planet.  Today, though, we have a harmonious sextile from the Moon to Mercury in the early afternoon EDT.  Mercury, planet of the mind, is also in Aries and opinions are loud and potent.  The intellectual honesty of the Aquarius Moon will help to clarify our thinking this afternoon under this influence, which will help to better utilize all of this Aries energy.  Fire purifies and inspires, but it does take some focus to take advantage of its unique gifts.

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3.23.21 It could be another disruptive day when we must face difficult facts

art by Sam Brown

The challenging square between Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Gemini from yesterday’s post is at its peak today, so the potential for confusion and lack of clarity is likely to prevail.  Efforts at productivity and effective communication are likely to be frustrated by a fog of illusion and distraction.  In addition, the Leo Moon is very active and challenges both Uranus (disruption) and Saturn (reality check) to perhaps force some kind of confrontation which may be difficult, but which will result in greater illumination and understanding.

Today is best spent gathering information, but if you can wait to make important decisions for a day or two it might be more productive.  Today’s energies are more conducive to opening the mind to new ideas and breaking up stagnant thought patterns and that certainly has its own value! ❤️

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3.23.21. Confusing messages today with Mercury square Mars

art by Alex Tooth

Mercury, planet of the mind and communication,  is in Pisces right now where it loves to dream and imagine expansive and lofty ideas, and where it acts more from feelings and intuition than facts. Today Mercury makes a challenging square aspect to Mars in Gemini which may generate a lot of excitement and motivation without a clear goal or direction.  Mars in Gemini is so fascinated by so many things, and the hunger for learning is intense under that aspect; however, Gemini and Pisces are both mutable signs which are adaptable, but not always very focused.

You may be flooded with ideas today, and lots of thoughts about things to do and how to do them, but don’t be surprised if you flounder and find it difficult to actually take a step or find a clear path forward.  Similarly, our communication (Mercury) with others could be fraught with confusion and lack clarity. Today is a great day to gather these thoughts and insights, but maybe wait a day or two until this aspect has passed and the fog clears.

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3.3.21 The astrological meaning of Mars in Gemini 3/3-4/23/21

art by Patricia Ariel

Mars, planet of war, action, physical energy, drive and desire, helps us to set boundaries and defend and protect ourselves and others.  Far from the “evildoer” malefic of traditional forms of astrology, the enthusiasm of Mars motivates us to accomplish our goals and attain our desires.  While it’s true that Mars is connected to unpleasant things like war, blood, cuts, knives, Mars energy provides courage and is essential in achieving physical health. If Mars energy isn’t allowed full and healthy expression, it tends to create blocks in the physical and nervous systems which lead to a wide variety of health problems.  (I’m planning a deep dive video on the subject but in the meantime this article may interest you.)

Gemini is a sign of curiosity and the intellect, with a hunger for experiences and to learn and know more about a wide variety of topics.  Gemini’s purpose is to broaden our viewpoint and encourage greater awareness of the interconnectedness between all things.  Gemini’s ruler Mercury/Hermes was the messenger; the only god who was allowed to travel into Hades and who was known for his cunning and quick mind.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins – one of whom is dark and one is light – representing the two (at least) facets of the Gemini personality.  One of the twin stars of Gemini lies inside the Milky Way while the other is outside and they are rarely seen at the same time and this is a symbol of the tendency of Gemini to be somewhat lost from themselves as they plow through experiences in order to better understand who they are.

Since January, Mars has been in earthy Taurus where we tend to […]

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Update for the week of March 1-8, including Mars in Gemini

The planets are relatively quiet throughout the week, and actually for the entire month of March.  This gives the lunar influences more of a voice, and I break it all down for you here.  Mars leaves Taurus for Gemini, a big shift in the type of activation that’s available to us.  Enjoy, and the transcript is below the video and promo stuff. ❤️


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Transcript by miniature electronic figments of our imagination and roughly edited by me. Please excuse any errors!

Hey everybody, its Lynn Hayes here. Thanks for coming back to my channel. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about the astrology for the week from March 1 to march 8 2021. There’s not very much going on in the skies all through the month of March, which is kind of a relief when there’s a lot of major planetary alignments. There’s a lot of energy in the sky, there’s a lot of pressure for change, that can be really exciting. It can be exhilarating, but it can sometimes be exhausting. And we’ve had so much going on over the last 12 months. You know, it’s been almost a year since the pandemic started. So in March, there’s no outer planet alignments, really, there’s no planets retrogradem all of the planets are traveling and direct motion. So it’s a little bit of a breather, I think it’s an opportunity for us to step back a little bit, kind of regroup and see where we […]

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