Mars in Taurus

Astrological news this week: A shift of planetary energies

Astrological update for the week of July 4-11, 2022.



Mars in Taurus. Mars leaves fiery Aries for placid Taurus on July 5th and we will all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Things have been plenty hot with both Mars and Jupiter in Aries, along with Chiron to irritate the tender places in the soul with the hope of fostering healing and opening the heart. Under the influence of Taurus we are able to find our internal balance point and a renewed connection to the earthy things that bring pleasure and relief.

Mars will be in Taurus until August 20, so we have quite a while to enjoy the relaxation that this placement can bring. There are a couple of caveats though: First, it’s tempting with Mars in Taurus to want to smooth over rough edges and ignore danger signals that may arise when our lives are out of balance or confrontation is needed in order to maintain our inner peacefulness. Remember the bull who is peaceful in the pasture until the irritation becomes too great, and then an explosion of rage can ensue. Second, Mars provides motivation and physical energy, and this can be lacking when Mars is in Taurus. We may need to find other ways to motivate ourselves while Mars is in Taurus,

Very active Mercury. Mercury is the planet of adaptability, flexibility, gatherer and dispenser of information, curious and filled with a desire to learn and know things. Mercury opens the mind so all kinds of things can drop in, and encourages movement. Can’t sit still? Blame Mercury. Under Mercury’s influence we need to keep moving, keep learning, keep taking in new experiences in order to learn more about ourselves.

In […]

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2.19.21 Personal adjustments with Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus

artist unknown

Right now with so many planets in Aquarius, a sign of impersonal detachment and objectivity, it can be easy to forget that our interactions with others can be unpredictable and fraught with potential landmines of emotional reactions, the eruption of old wounds, and mysterious feelings over which we have no control.  Today (February 19th) is one of those days.  Venus is in Aquarius where we do tend to be more detached and prefer interactions that are reliably sensible, but Venus squares Mars today (90 degree aspect) which pits our own needs and interests (Mars) against those of a harmonious and comfortable alliance with others (Venus).

Mars is in Taurus, ruled by Venus, which makes this challenging alignment more of a gentle push than a hard shove but it will be important today to gently (Venus) assert our needs (Mars) where appropriate, and be clear about what we want (Mars) from others (Venus).  This is often easier said than done, but if we can use our emotional intelligence to determine the best route through an interpersonal difficulty, we will certainly be successful!  ❤️

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1.22.21. Getting ready for Mars square Jupiter

art by Bob Doucette

Since Mars has been in Taurus it’s been setting off a lot of fireworks, beginning with a challenging square to Saturn in Aquarius on January 13th.  Mars is in Taurus now where it tends to resist behavior that is too radical, but if we try to stifle our resistance it may blow up like a bull (Taurus) in a china shop.  Mars aligned with Uranus on the 20th in a conjunction in Taurus which thankfully did not bring the kinds of explosions many of us feared.  Mars activity continues, though – still in range of the conjunction to Uranus it will form a square to Jupiter at 2:48 am EST on the 23rd (the energy is still building, and the potency of the Mars fire is still very much with us.

Mars square Jupiter can enhance confidence but it can also raise tempers and create conflicts.   Channeling this energy into a project that requires faith and confidence is a helpful way to manage this Mars/Jupiter combination.  In our personal lives it could have the effect of shaking us out of anywhere we have felt stuck and unable to move forward with a dream or idea of change.  In Taurus, Mars can make it more difficult to actually take action to break us out of old patterns, but the square to Jupiter can help to break up stuck energy and enhance our higher vision which is the first step towards growth. ❤️

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1.6.21 Mars enters Taurus, finally

art by Luis Tamani

Let us all breathe a sigh of relief now that Mars will finally leave Aries at 5:27 pm on January 6th!  Mars, planet of passion, anger and fire, in its own sign of Aries, has inflamed a great deal of simmering rage in the collective unconscious.  Mars in Taurus can be explosive – after all, a bull is placid until it finally has had enough and then you’d better get out of the way.  But it is less inflammatory, and there is an underlying desire for a peaceful experience.  Don’t get too comfortable, however, because while Mars is in Taurus it will form a challenging square to both Saturn and Jupiter which are newly in Aquarius. I have my eye especially on the square from Mars to Saturn on January 13th, and over the next week as that alignment builds we will likely continue to see conflict in the political arena.

That doesn’t mean, though, that our personal lives must follow that same trajectory.  Mars teaches us to go after what we desire and to defend ourselves with passion and strength, and in Taurus we can develop a deep and powerful center, grounded in the power of nature and the Earth, which can help us to withstand any crisis that may come our way.  While Mars is in Taurus (until March 3, 2021) we can slow everything down in order to focus on building that inner fortitude while we seek the peace of physical comfort and well-being. ❤️

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1.5.21. Mars at the 29th degree of Aries

art by Dolores Develde
Mars has been in Aries since June 27th 2020 – a crazy long time for Mars to be in one sign, and in its own sign of Aries, where its aggressive force is unhampered by any control factors, we have seen some intensification of violence and hostility.  Mars enters Taurus tomorrow, Wednesday January 6 2021, but not until 5:21 pm on the day that Congress meets to certify the election.  The 29th degree is called a “critical” degree. The last degree of a sign, it’s the last gasp effort of that planet to master the issues of that sign, and in Aries that involves the satisfaction of personal desire.  There’s nowhere to go from the 29th degree, and for that reason there is a sense of fate.  Watch for the potential of increasing hostilities today which will hopefully settle down after Mars enters Taurus late in the day on Wednesday January 6th.

Fortunately, the Moon is in Libra all day today, harmonizing in a trine to Saturn and Jupiter.  The Libra Moon seeks balance where the Aries Mars seeks release of tension, although the influence of the Moon is subtle compared to Mars.  Ideally, though, the Moon trine Saturn will help to restore balance and the trine to Jupiter will aid in feelings of good will.  Still, today would not be a good day to try to ignore your hidden resentments as they will certainly rise up in unexpected ways.

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