Mars Opposite Pluto

Mars/Pluto in the news

The combination of Mars in Gemini, the sign of communication, opposed to Pluto in Sagittarius denotes an escalation of verbal confrontation, threats of war and the concept of speaking truth to power. Rather than seeing outright war in the news, such as we have seen with Mars square to Pluto, we are seeing events that create the conflict that leads to war:

  • A French official threatened war against Iran on Sunday, resulting in a flurry of counterattacks by Russia and China.
  • The attack on civilians in Iraq by the US contractor Blackwater that resulted in the deaths of between 10 and 30 people has provoked increased anger in Iraq against the American presence there.
  • Israel has cut off power and water supplies to the Gaza strip, setting the stage for increased conflict there.
  • Also in Israel, Netanyahu admitted that Israel was involved in an air strike against Syria on September 6.
  • NATO launched a new anti-Taliban offensive in Afghanistan.
  • A student was Tasered when confronting John Kerry in Florida about why he didn’t contest the 2004 election.
  • Jesse Jackson accused Barack Obama of “acting white” for failing to react to the violent “Jena 6”

Venus and Neptune are approaching an opposition which will be exact tomorrow, creating some confusion during this time that will make it more difficult to pursue the kind of self-examination required by the Mars/Pluto event. Although we are experiencing a heightened creativity now, there is also the possibility for delusion and confusion that combined with the bombastic verbal style of Mars in Gemini when opposed by Pluto could get us into trouble. Cultivating patience and attending to our creative and spiritual needs will assist in this process.

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Mars and Pluto – Dying to be understood

JM, as always, has an interesting take on the current Mars/Pluto opposition:

Anybody getting into verbal quarrels deeper than ususal these days? Mars in Gemini (communication) will be spending the whole week closing in on the opposition to Pluto (death) in Sagittarius. People are dying to be understood. Speech is primary to human survival, coming from the cry in the throat for nourishment, and never is it more obvious than when this opposition comes around. And never is the truth more anxious to be revealed, the pretense stripped.

Mars is action and Pluto draws upon hidden reserves so force in articulation rules the day. For some people, exceptional insights are coming along with the courage to speak up. For others, hurtful words are being thrust with excess force and some can’t control what they say. Another problem with Pluto is the inability to find satisfaction, so the points might be forced repeatedly with the sharp sword of Mars, still missing the response some are hoping for, the power of their words escaping no matter how hard they try. Torrential verbiage can result and major misunderstandings. Of course, some people are speaking with clarity, honesty, extra perception, and Marsian accuracy. And best of all, some people are witnessing and comprehending themselves.

We are certainly seeing quite a bit of this verbal barrage in the news: the French escalating their rhetoric against Iran, Greenspan coming out and revealing ::SHOCK!!:: that the war in Iraq was about oil (gee, what took him so long??), and the footing of Musharraf in Pakistan becoming ever more tenuous.

Hang on everyone, it’s going to be a bit of a bumpy ride for the next few months!

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The 2007 Mars/Pluto opposition cycle

Mars is moving through the last degrees of Gemini and approaching an opposition to Pluto which will be exact on September 21, just in time for the Autumn Equinox on September 23 when the Sun enters Libra. Many believe that the chart of the Equinox sets the tone for the entire season (I’m not sure if I’m quite there, but I’m willing to entertain the notion) so this could be a significant event.

Mars is the individual will – the aggressive instinct, the warrior who defends his/her own boundaries and violates those of others. Pluto is the Ultimate Destroyer, and in the birthcharts of individuals it acts as the Will of our higher self. When Mars and Pluto are in opposition they are working against each other in an attempt to find balance, and you have Pluto’s hand of destiny blocking the efforts of Mars to assert itself and achieve its desires.

We tend to see an increase of aggression and violence when Pluto opposes Mars, as well as major power conflicts. Because Mars is in Gemini we are likely to see a flurry of battles of words and small skirmishes rather than major warfare, particularly since Mars is trine Mercury during this time as well. This could actually be an excellent time for confrontations that require discussion.

Because Mars moves so quickly, Mars transits are usually felt for a few days or a week at the most, but because Mars will retrograde this year it will oppose Pluto twice more before completing the cycle in March. The opposition cycle is made more powerful by the fact that the second hit of the opposition comes at the last degree of Pluto in Sagittarius and the third and final opposition comes at the first […]

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Mercury in Aries April 16-May 5

from the Elemental Tarot: ” The classical figure of Mercury dashes across an urban landscape. In the sky the sun is a compass indicating the ultimate in creative possibilities and the multitude of directions in which he can travel. “

Mercury has moved from Pisces into Aries, and issues of communication and mental functioning (Mercury) now take on the fiery energy of the sign of Aries. Having just come through the explosive opposition of Mars to Pluto which forced confrontations and released a sudden aggressive force over the past couple of weeks, we will find some relief in the fresh innocence and simplicity of the Aries Mercury.

Aries is the sign of initiation as we have noted, and Mercury’s travel through Aries brings with it an excitement over new ways of thinking. Ideas that may have previously been kept within us have an opportunity to be expressed as there is now a sense of courage (Aries) in communication (Mercury) that may have been missing before.

Mercury in Aries can bring an environment conducive to argument and disagreements (since Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war), but over the next few weeks as Mercury travels through Aries it will make several beneficial contacts with other planets that will soften this effect. Today and tomorrow Mercury makes a trine to Saturn in Leo, lending stability to the fire of expression and grounding (Saturn) us, enabling us to build bridges (Saturn) through communication (Mercury). On the 22-24 of April, Mercury will harmonize (sextile aspect) with Chiron, offering a new way to conceptualize (Mercury) the healing of old wounds (Chiron). On April 28-30, Mercury will sextile Neptune, soothing the rough edges and bringing imagination and a sense of divine inspiration (Neptune). And on May 2-4, just before moving […]

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Mars Opposes Pluto Today

Mars has been leading up to an opposition (180 degree aspect) with Pluto just in time for the direct turn of Saturn (see article below), and over the past week we have seen political situations accelerating as a result. With Mars (the aggressive instinct of the individual) opposing Pluto (the god of death and transformation), the fur will continue to fly for another week or so that will affect the fate of leaders (Saturn in Leo) across the globe. In our personal lives, aggressive confrontations will be more common than usual, and we will see this on the global stage.

Mercury is moving into place to square Pluto (April 13) and then will enter the sign of Aries where it will square Mars (April 17). Pluto’s goal in any transit is to wipe the slate clean, and when square to Mercury (communication and ideas) it tends to bring secrets out of the basement, and we are likely to see a continuation of revelations such as the one that President Bush authorized the leak of classified information in order to discredit Joe Wilson. Mercury square to Mars will bring more aggressive rhetoric, and the period over the next few weeks is likely to be one filled with arguments and power struggles, but the upcoming trine of Jupiter (philosophy and expansion) to Uranus (bringing new ideas and innovation) will create an environment where those power struggles will find new solutions and a greater sense of liberation.

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