Mars enters Aries and we must face the warrior within.

Mars entered Aries today, June 27 2020.  Mars would normally be in Aries for about five weeks, but because it will retrograde during the summer it won’t leave Aries until January 6, 2021. That is a long time for Mars to be in the sign of its domicile – one of the two signs which it rules. This means Mars can more easily exercise its powers of protection, defense, motivation, and let’s face it, aggression.

In all forms of traditional astrology Mars is considered a bad planet.  Its aggressive force inspires conflict and greed if the desires of Mars get out of control.  But really, aggression and war is not the origin story of Mars.  I do not believe that Mars is inherently bad – it represents the personality component that Freud called the “id” – the our basic and primal needs and desires and the instinctual responses that occur when these needs and desires become frustrated. Freud didn’t care much for the Id – he saw it as a “cauldron of passions” that needed to be tempered by the moderating forces of the Ego and Superego. However, the instinct for self-preservation is a critical one for the survival of a human individual, and just like the Id, Mars acts solely to preserve the Self and to gratify desire.

In an ideal world, we would all have needs that were met, there would be no need for a greedy accumulation of more than we need which resulted, perhaps, in the deprivation of others, and kindness would prevail with everyone able to live a peaceful and comfortable life with no frustration of these […]

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Thoughts on the astrology of the remainder of 2020

I was asked to create a video for the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship on the astrology for the remainder of 2020, and I thought that was a great idea in light of how the entire world has changed since I wrote my forecast for 2020.  Here it is for you!  If you like these videos please subscribe to the channel.  Sorry, there is no transcription for this video but I hope you enjoy it anyway. ❤️


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Current events from an astrological perspective: Black lives suddenly matter, and other news

One thing we might be wondering right now is why the time is suddenly ripe for the US to embrace the Black Lives Matter movement.  Marches to protest the murder of George Floyd by the police (represented by Capricorn – the structural foundations of society) have spread like wildfire around the world.  Even Mitt Romney is marching in protest.

The killing of black people in America isn’t new.  When black people were brought to this country in slave ships, many died along the way.  Others were killed trying to escape, or if they didn’t behave.  After the civil war, black people were killed as they tried to make a new life post-slavery.  Black people were killed during Jim Crow.  Black people were killed during the civil rights movement.  Black people are consistently killed by police at higher rates than white people.  We can argue the reasons, but the statistics are clear.

The Black Lives Matter movement began officially in 2014 after the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. At the time, the world was in the throes of a challenging square alignment between Uranus, planet of revolution, in the sign of Aries the warrior, to Pluto, planet of destruction and transformation, in the sign of Capricorn the structural foundation.  This major planetary cycle lasted between 2010 and 2017, overseeing shifts of power and control across the globe. And yet, the BLM movement was marginalized and not taken seriously until the killing of George Floyd.  So why now?

The (Sibley) chart for the United States featured Pluto, the planet of death and creative destruction, in the second house of possessions and money.  The early slave owners for the most part considered their slaves possessions rather than human beings (we could […]

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Pluto turns retrograde, beginning a major year of retrograde activity

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Pluto turns retrograde on April 25, 2020.  That in itself is not unusual since Pluto, along with all of the outer planets, spends about half the year in retrograde motion.  What IS unusual is that this year we will have between five and seven planets retrograde for five months.

About retrogrades

Retrogradation occurs because we observe the movement of planets from our perspective on earth and sometimes, because of the varying speeds at which the planets hurtle around the Sun, they appear to move backwards.  When a planet is seen to be retrograde its astrological function alters somewhat.  The affairs of that planet become more personalized, more significant on an individual level.  Most people now are familiar with the phenomenon of Mercury retrograde which occurs for three weeks about four times a year, during which time matters of communication and anything involving messaging are potentially more chaotic and disrupted.

Traditionally, retrograde planets have been considered to be debilitated, or weakened, and there is no doubt that for some individuals a high number of retrograde planets correlates with failures and extreme introversion.  Philosophical astrology often differs from observational astrology, when instead of relying on the philosophies of others we are able to learn how planetary constellations influence humans by observing these behaviors in actual clients. I have had clients with five or six retrograde planets who were successful, but also introspective and who enjoyed a rich interior life of great meaning.

Neil Michelson’s Table of Planetary Phenomena is a handy reference, telling us that zero planets are retrograde about 9% of the time, but five planets retrograde only occurs about 6% of the time and six only 1%.  (These statistics do not include Chiron, but I am including […]

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The astrology of 2020: What can we expect?

Astrology of 2020

Before we can look ahead, we need to understand the past.

As many of you already know, Pluto left expansive Sagittarius for restrictive Capricorn in 2008, beginning a domino effect that crashed financial markets around the world and punctured bubbles of false optimism that was keeping financial and economic systems afloat.

Between 2010 and 2017, a stressful aspect between Uranus and Pluto resulted in chaotic social upheaval and the necessity for many of us to make major adjustments in order to survive in a new world that ended up looking little like the old one.

In 2018 and 2019 the necessity to create solid structures became even more important with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Capricorn teaches mastery of the material world and has little patience with frivolity or illusions, and we have all had to come to terms with a more practical approach to the way we live our lives.  Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and bears a powerful influence when it travels through its own sign every 28 years or so.

Jupiter entered its own sign of Sagittarius at the end of 2018, and the seemingly boundless enthusiasm and expansiveness of this planetary cycle helped to keep the doors of optimism open, at least for much of 2019.  Saturn and Pluto were very close to a conjunction in the spring and summer of 2019, causing  to give us a hint of what is coming in January of 2020.  In March we saw the burning of Notre Dame, a symbol of Christianity for 1000 years.  In April the Mueller report was released in the US.  In May it was reported that we are in a major extinction event with over a million species threatened with extinction.  […]

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