3.17.21 Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and healing energies with Mars and Chiron

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When fiery Mars lends its aggressive force to the emotional sensitivity of Chiron it’s not always a very happy experience, but when Mars forms a harmonious sextile to Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries, it fosters a dynamic push for breaking down barriers which may be keeping us stuck.  Mars is in Gemini, the sign of learning and trying different experiences – under this influence we tend to be more curious and less defensive which is an excellent first step towards the healing of old wounds. Once we have released the wounds of the past, the more positive and pleasant attributes of Chiron can step in: a desire to help and mentor others and gain wisdom from each experience rather than bemoan our circumstances.

A harmonious sextile from Venus to Pluto begins to build today, though it won’t culminate until Thursday.  Our interactions with others take on more depth and importance as it becomes easier to show up as our authentic selves.  Also, happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I invite you to read this older post which includes a beautiful musical blessing from one of my favorite bands to help get your Irish on. ☘️

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