2.13.21 Grounding and creating with Mars in Taurus sextile Neptune

The Moon has moved into Pisces for an enhanced sense of flow and creative inspiration, but we still have five planets in Aquarius and the Aquarian energetic intensity is still very much with us. We may find ourselves flooded with new ideas, unable to sleep – excited about the possibility of change. Mars, planet of action, in the sign of Taurus helps us to ground and center and the harmonious sextile to Neptune today opens up a gateway to creative inspiration.  The presence of this Mars aspect helps to energize the creative inspiration of Neptune which is already enhanced by the Pisces Moon.

The use of harmonious planetary cycles requires intention. Whereas the hard angle planetary aspects force a confrontation and crisis, harmonious cycles encourage and provide support, but do not compel us to take advantage of them.  Perhaps you are looking for a creative solution to a problem in which you are stuck (Mars in Taurus).  Perhaps you have inspiration and creative flow ready to take flight, but have lacked the oomph to get it going.  Today’s Mars/Neptune sextile could just be the key that you have been waiting for.

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