Mars square Jupiter

Planetary news this week: Choices & decisions under the fixed cross

Astrological update for the week of May 22, 2023

artist may be Melissa Harris

Mars in Leo and the dance with Jupiter and Pluto. Mars moved into Leo last week, heightening our drive to seek pleasure and joyful experiences that bring happiness and delight. However, Mars is not always the best ally as it can be impulsive and reckless and sometimes prone to anger and rage, especially when facing challenging square aspects from both Pluto and Jupiter as it did last week.

I wrote about this in last week’s forecast as this alignment began to take shape: “There is some danger that the Leo openness can expand the aggressive force of Mars, and because Leo is a fixed sign there can be a tendency to become stuck in ones desires and find it difficult to seek alternative pathways. This is especially true at this time because as we saw above, Mars will be activating Jupiter for greater self-righteousness, and challenging Pluto for problems ranging from minor conflicts to outright violence. The presence of the Nodes show that there is a fated story here, but also that guidance is available if we only listen.”

The challenging aspect to Pluto is waning now though, and the square to Jupiter and the lunar nodes will likely wrap up a question that arose last week. Any Mars aspect can bring success if we approach all matters with consideration and thought rather than an impulsive race to be done with something.

Here’s what else you need to know this week (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday May 22. Monday is packed with good vibes, and although that Mars/Jupiter alignment will be […]

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Planetary news this week: Taurus New Moon and a challenge to overcome

Astrological update for the week of May 15-22, 2023

art by Zdenek Moravek

Planets changing signs bring about a shift in human consciousness, and when three planetary bodies change signs in one week it can be very enervating. There is a strong Taurus signature, with Jupiter entering Taurus and a Taurus New Moon, so the drive for peaceful experiences is a strong one. However, the Sun enters Gemini at the end of the week and opens up the door to Gemini season which is much more active, so we will want to be prepared for that.

Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter, the planet of optimism, good fortune, and the search for meaning, enters Taurus on Tuesday where it will remain for about a year. Taurus is a sign of Earthly matters: prosperity, comfort, sensory pleasures – all of these are of greater importance when Jupiter is in Taurus. It’s worth remembering that Taurus is a fixed sign, and while Jupiter is expansive and idealistic, it also inspires religiosity. Jupiter in Taurus can often be somewhat inflexible and we may need to prepare to bend more than is comfortable at times.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus and Jupiter are known in traditional astrology as benefic planets – generally speaking, they tend to open doors of opportunity and attract positive things. So Jupiter in Taurus over the next twelve month may offer opportunities and some of us may be luckier during this time. This is not a guarantee, though, and too much faith in Jupiter’s bountiful nature could create its own problems and just a reminder, the last time Jupiter went through 2011 there was an economic crisis in the U.S. when a budget could not be […]

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Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover: An astrological timeline

In April of this year I wrote a profile of Elon Musk after he attempted a hostile takeover of Twitter and now he has done it.  You can read that profile here, but to sum it up:

Dealing with impulse control is a theme in this chart. We have the mentalism of the Sun and Mercury squared by Uranus, the planet of impulsive and radical action. We have a lack of fire. We see that the fire planet Mars is in the air sign Aquarius adding more froth to the mentality of the chart, especially since it is inflamed by Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio itself is ruled by Mars, making this a “double whammy” connection between forceful Mars and expansive Jupiter, expanding Musk’s confidence and his need to be right in the fixed signs which can be quite stubborn.  Yet on the other hand the Cancerian Sun and Mercury long for connection and a sense of belonging, and the Virgo Moon seeks perfection and order.

This combination of Mars (action) and Jupiter (confidence) has been activated this year along with some other planetary conditions that showed he was ripe to do something typically Elon in sheer scope and hubris. I imagine a minority of my readers are on Twitter much less care about Elon Musk, but I thought it would be interesting to compare the Twitter takeover timeline to the astrology as a demonstration of the planets at work (thanks to CNN for these details). Some of this will be too technical for my lay readers and for this I apologize! Feel free to post questions in the comments.

January 31: Elon begins building his shares in Twitter.

  • We don’t know exactly […]
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Is Elon Musk the harbinger of the Aquarian Age?

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Elon Musk is in the news again, this time for attempting a hostile takeover of Twitter.  He is such a fascinating character – clearly so brilliant, but also kind of a mad genius and a bit nutty. Just the type I like to profile. 😃

The astrology of Elon Musk.

Unfortunately we don’t have a birth time for Musk (there is a birth time on Astrotheme but it comes from an unverified source in India), but even without it we can see some very interesting things (noon chart shown with Sun on the ascendant).  Musk was born under a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, a sign of feeling and emotion, and this conjunction is tightly squared by both Chiron and Uranus. As I have noted before, Sun/Mercury conjunction individuals tend to be of great intelligence, and when Mercury is ahead of the Sun as it is here there can be a tendency, literally, of the mind getting ahead of the Self. The fact that Uranus, planet of innovation and radical change, is locked in a strong square aspect to the Sun and Mercury enhances the ability to think outside the box as well as inspire somewhat impulsive and radical behavior even when the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer which tends to seek greater security and a sense of safety.

The emotionality of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer is easily activated due to a strong square from Chiron to the Sun and Mercury. Chiron is in Aries, suggesting that the wound (Chiron) is to the evolution of the Self (Aries) and in fact Chiron is the only planet in a fire sign in this chart other than Neptune which is a generational outer planet. When a chart lacks a certain element, the personality traits […]

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