Astrological update for the week of November 8, 2021: Mars and the cycle of change

As you may know, I’ve been calling the square from Saturn to Uranus the story of 2021 – the pressures between control for the sake of society (Saturn) versus the rebellion and radical motivations of Uranus.  There is no more vivid representation of the Saturn/Uranus square than the global battle over masking and vaccinations during this pandemic and the extreme path which this debate has taken.

Saturn and Uranus are five degrees apart from an exact square, but the aspect is tightening over the next month until it culminates in mid-December.  Every time a faster-moving planetary body activates Saturn or Uranus, the themes of the square are also activated even if it’s the Moon which lasts just a few hours.  This week Mercury (mind and communication) aligns with Mars (aggression and motivation), and both planets will ignite the Saturn/Uranus dynamic.  Expect the themes of rebellion and domination to be more pronounced, and with Mars in Scorpio the power of passion will be intensified.

In other words, duck.  Try not to inflame already heated situations if you can help it. If you can, speak your truth with conscious intention and the light of awareness, without seeking blame or needing to win (both Scorpio themes).  This is not a good week for difficult conversations or confrontation, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen so be prepared. We often can’t avoid situations that emerge in challenging planetary times because these times are meant to promote personal and global evolution.

Here’s the forecast for the week.  Dates and times are given for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality. ❤️

art by Keith Malett

Monday November 8.  The planets are relatively quiet on Monday and […]

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7.5.21 – Release of stuck energy with the Sun sextile Uranus

Over the past few days we’ve had a powerful compression of planets in fixed signs conflicting with each other.  Saturn square Uranus of course, the story of 2021, but Mars in Leo has been involved in that dance as well which has inflamed and activated any tension.  There is a force now for change – the release of the past for the sake of the new – under Uranus which is conflicting with Saturn’s tendency to hold things back and delay until the timing is right.  Over the weekend the Taurus Moon entered the fray, conjoining Uranus for a general sense of disruption and squaring Saturn and Mars.  Planets in fixed signs don’t adapt well to conflict and there is often a tension which has to eventually burst.

Today we begin to release the pressure cooker of this drama in fixed signs!  The sensitive Cancer Sun harmonizes in a sextile to Uranus and activates new ideas and facilitates easing into a different way of feeling your way through your world.  This is a subtle influence compared with the bombs we’ve been dodging over the past week, but if we pay attention we will see the glimmer of light through the clouds that shows the way forward. ❤️

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Astrological update for the week of January 18, 2021: Inauguration astrology, a lot of Mars, and heads up for Mercury retrograde

Today’s video is not political! And I’m very relieved that the weekend did not turn out to be the chaotic disruption that was promised after January 6th so I’m hopeful for a smooth presidential transition this week after the inauguration.  However, I do spend a few minutes talking about the chart for the inauguration, as well as some thoughts for how to manage these challenging times. Mercury will turn retrograde on January 30th so we might as well start to prepare now as the speed of Mercury begins to slow down.  Transcript follows the promo material.


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Transcript (transcribed by electronic monsters and roughly edited by me, please forgive errors)

Hey everybody, it’s Lynn Hayes here. Welcome back to another video. And if you’re new here, a special welcome to you as well, especially to my Facebook friends who joined me this week, there was a big group of them that all signed up. So I really appreciate your being here and look forward to sharing more videos with you.

We’re living in very interesting times right now. And just to recap a little bit last year, we had a lot of compression and restriction under a big influence of Capricorn. This year, we are moving into Aquarius and also a square from Saturn to Uranus, Saturn, the planet of restriction Uranus being the planet of radical change, radical revolution, and Jupiter, the planet of freedom is also tied in there. It’s not surprising then that there’s a fair […]

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1.13.21. Just when we thought we were done with Mars…

art by Samuel Farrand

Mars may have left Aries, but it is pretty busy this week.  Mars (aggression) squares Saturn (repression) today as the Sun approaches a conjunction to Pluto (intensity), and over the week Mars will act as a flare for the challenging square from Jupiter (expansion) to Uranus (revolution).  If you’re thinking that doesn’t sound like a great planetary climate for insurrection and the breakdown of government in the United States (Pluto in Capricorn returning to its place in the US chart), you would be correct.  I say this not to frighten anyone, but being prepared, I think, is always a good thing.

That said, unless you’re a member of the US Congress, this planetary excitement can actually be a positive thing – all of this fire for change can help us to break through personal barriers and achieve a kind of personal activation.  Today’s square from Mars to Saturn can help us to focus if we don’t resist the need for concentration.  We can use today’s conjunction from the Sun to Pluto to probe deeply into any subject with which we are involved.  We can use the upcoming square from Jupiter to Uranus to observe more fully where we are dissatisfied with the status quo of our lives and see the greater possibilities that are available to us.  Let’s make that a theme for this week, and see where it takes us! ❤️

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1.6.21 Mars enters Taurus, finally

art by Luis Tamani

Let us all breathe a sigh of relief now that Mars will finally leave Aries at 5:27 pm on January 6th!  Mars, planet of passion, anger and fire, in its own sign of Aries, has inflamed a great deal of simmering rage in the collective unconscious.  Mars in Taurus can be explosive – after all, a bull is placid until it finally has had enough and then you’d better get out of the way.  But it is less inflammatory, and there is an underlying desire for a peaceful experience.  Don’t get too comfortable, however, because while Mars is in Taurus it will form a challenging square to both Saturn and Jupiter which are newly in Aquarius. I have my eye especially on the square from Mars to Saturn on January 13th, and over the next week as that alignment builds we will likely continue to see conflict in the political arena.

That doesn’t mean, though, that our personal lives must follow that same trajectory.  Mars teaches us to go after what we desire and to defend ourselves with passion and strength, and in Taurus we can develop a deep and powerful center, grounded in the power of nature and the Earth, which can help us to withstand any crisis that may come our way.  While Mars is in Taurus (until March 3, 2021) we can slow everything down in order to focus on building that inner fortitude while we seek the peace of physical comfort and well-being. ❤️

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