Mars square Uranus

Astrological news this week: Surprising adjustments with Mars and Venus square Uranus

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Astrological update for the week of March 21, 2022

If you can identify this artist please let me know in the comments! As the week begins the energies of last week’s Equinox are still winding down, forcing adjustments in expectations and laying the groundwork for a new season. The March Equinox occurs when the Sun enters Aries in the tropical system – the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the zodiacal wheel. Aries is the sign of initiation, of blazing a new trail and forging ahead with courage and confidence, and there is a significant Uranus alignment in the chart of the Equinox.

Uranus is the planet that inspires us to break out of outmoded paradigms and ways of living which no longer fit the current reality, and this week Mars will form a challenging square to Uranus. Mars is in Aquarius right now where the primary motivator is innovation and change but also reason and intelligence, so the added influence of Uranus can help to break down barriers to progress. However, Uranus can inspire Mars to be somewhat reckless so it would be wise to exercise some caution.

Here is what you need to know for the week ahead. (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.)

Monday March 21.  The Moon is newly in Scorpio on Monday, intensifying feelings and evoking a sense of urgency where emotions are concerned. Fortunately a harmonious Mercury/Jupiter aspect culminates in the very early hours on Monday which helps us to find more emotional balance and general good vibes.  Mars builds all day towards a harmonious aspect to Chiron (sextile) to facilitate the flow of natural wisdom and positive energy.

The Moon […]

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The meaning of Mars in Virgo in 2021

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For the past month or so, Mars has been traveling through Leo in close connection to both Saturn and Uranus, translating the challenging square between them which is the story of 2021.  The energies of Saturn = control and repression vs Uranus = radical change and rebellion are evident everywhere in 2021, from the attempted overthrow of governments to the riots over mask policies.  The addition of Mars in Leo, acting as double fire since Mars is a fire planet, didn’t really help matters. Wildfire season came early to the American West, and record breaking heatwaves spread across western Canada and the Northwest of the US as well as elsewhere in the world.  A gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico set the waters on fire.  It’s not been an easy summer although it doesn’t compare with 2020 when we had seven planets retrograde for months.

In any case, Mars left Leo for Virgo late yesterday, and that should cool things off a bit and help us to find more stability in our life especially later today when the Moon shifts from fiery Aries to grounded Taurus for a couple of days.  When the desire and motivation of Mars meets the organizational capacity of Virgo, we can accomplish great things.  We have been short on Earth energy recently, and with both Mars and Venus in Virgo we will be better able to attend to the small details of life that give us a sense of security. More importantly, because Virgo is a modest sign that does not relish conflict and instead prefers that life operate smoothly with all details locked in place, this may help to resolve some of […]

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I’m back! 7.3.21 – still a few more intense days

These morning (EDT) posts are an important part of my daily ritual but not easy to keep up with while traveling.  Thanks for your patience, and the challenges I wrote about a few days ago are still present.  Today Mars (action and aggressive force) is locked in an exact square to Uranus (thunderbolt, radical departure from the status quo) just after its exact opposition to Saturn yesterday.  Saturn seeks control and structure and Uranus inspires us to break away from that control and blow up the structures, so this planetary dynamic (the story of 2021) is already a challenge.  Add to this the force of Mars, and the situation can be quite volatile indeed.

Over the past couple of days the Aries Moon has not helped the situation.  Today the Moon moves into placid Taurus and helps to calm things down just as the Mars/Uranus chaos potential peaks.  On the positive side, these energies can help us to break out of a pattern which has been holding us hostage and help us to start something new.  The challenge, however, is that we might take that step rather recklessly and without a great deal of thought.  Over the next few days it will become easier to relax and regroup if we allow the potential of the Taurus Moon to find a balance point. ❤️


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The meaning of Mars and the Saturn/Uranus square

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Over the next few days (June 27 – July 4, 2021) Mars in Leo will oppose Saturn and square Uranus.  In English what this means is that the aggressive force of Mars, which is most powerful in fire signs and is currently in Leo, will conflict with the repressive force of Saturn and the radical revolutionary dynamic of Uranus.  If that sounds like a recipe for trouble it could be, especially if your own chart is affected with planets between 10-15 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus – the fixed signs.

With a heat wave spreading across the US and Covid restrictions still in force, tempers are likely to rise here.  Elsewhere in the world the fiery force of this influence will likely manifest in different ways.

You’ve heard me say it a lot this year: the square between Saturn and Uranus is the story of 2021 – civil unrest, revolt against the status quo, finding new ways of change – these are all factors in this planetary cycle which will last throughout the year.  Every time a planet enters one of those fixed signs it will at some point set off the Saturn/Uranus dynamic, and this week that planet is Mars.

Mars is motivating, it can be inspiring and exciting.  Without Mars we would never find the impulse to do anything, so it’s essential.  But it can also be irritating and bring up any latent frustration that has no outlet so this week is a good time to (a) get a lot of physical activity to burn off any excess frustration energy, (b) try to avoid conflict because there’s no good solution when Mars is reacting against Saturn’s repression and being inflamed by the reactionary force of […]

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