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Astrological update for the week of December 20, 2021: Solstice, Christmas and the Limits of Freedom

art by Phoebe Wahl


Here’s what’s happening in the skies this week:

Saturn square Uranus. The final-ish square between Saturn (limits) and Uranus (liberation) occurs this week.  I’ve been calling this planetary combination “the story of 2021” and indeed it has been, thanks to the spread of Covid-19 around the world which has brought with it some peculiar re-alignments of ideas of control and freedom. Totalitarian influences which usually fall more on the side of control of society are now calling for liberation from Covid restrictions.  Liberal influences which typically rebel against restrictions are calling for severe mandates and lockdowns.

I’m calling this the “final-ish” square because the two will return to a tight alignment in the summer and fall of 2022, although they will not come to an exact aspect after this week.  Will that bring a solution to the world’s problems?  I doubt it, because it seems to me that these problems are caused not by the planetary alignments but by the general dysfunction of human life on planet Earth and especially here in the United States.  But the intense conflict over control and freedom is likely to subside, although that may not be true in the US where the Pluto return in 2022-2024 will continue bring up the poisons to the surface where they can be transformed and released (ideally!).

Retrograde Venus conjunct Pluto.  The alignment of Venus with Pluto is a potent combination which began in early December, and the second phase occurs this week on December 25th (just in time for those family gatherings!).  This alignment is not easy and could expose power conflicts, but it also has the potential to create deep transformation in our self-esteem as well as our interpersonal connections. Venus […]

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The meaning of Mars and the Saturn/Uranus square

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Over the next few days (June 27 – July 4, 2021) Mars in Leo will oppose Saturn and square Uranus.  In English what this means is that the aggressive force of Mars, which is most powerful in fire signs and is currently in Leo, will conflict with the repressive force of Saturn and the radical revolutionary dynamic of Uranus.  If that sounds like a recipe for trouble it could be, especially if your own chart is affected with planets between 10-15 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus – the fixed signs.

With a heat wave spreading across the US and Covid restrictions still in force, tempers are likely to rise here.  Elsewhere in the world the fiery force of this influence will likely manifest in different ways.

You’ve heard me say it a lot this year: the square between Saturn and Uranus is the story of 2021 – civil unrest, revolt against the status quo, finding new ways of change – these are all factors in this planetary cycle which will last throughout the year.  Every time a planet enters one of those fixed signs it will at some point set off the Saturn/Uranus dynamic, and this week that planet is Mars.

Mars is motivating, it can be inspiring and exciting.  Without Mars we would never find the impulse to do anything, so it’s essential.  But it can also be irritating and bring up any latent frustration that has no outlet so this week is a good time to (a) get a lot of physical activity to burn off any excess frustration energy, (b) try to avoid conflict because there’s no good solution when Mars is reacting against Saturn’s repression and being inflamed by the reactionary force of […]

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