Mars trine Jupiter

4.16.21 A potent day of focus and opportunity

art by Helena Nelson Reed

With a lack of major planetary cycles right now, the faster moving alignments have a chance to sing.  Today we have a strong square aspect from the Sun in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn, forcing us to realign any tendency towards impulsivity (Aries Sun) until it aligns more completely with our soul’s purpose (Pluto).  Pluto can be a powerful ally, forcing situations which we may not choose but which may end up with a result even better than we imagined.  Square aspects are said to be “bad,” and it’s true that they are not easy and the planets do not support each other.  But since we can’t change or resist the energy of a square we might as well utilize its potency, and use today to surrender when it appears that we are trying to force the river in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile a harmonious trine is building from Mars in Gemini to Jupiter in Aquarius.  In Gemini, the drive for action is curious about everything but can be somewhat unfocused and this is enhanced by the Moon also traveling through Gemini right now.  This trine to Jupiter, planet of possibilities, helps us to get the most out of each planet:  Mars delivers a nice dose of dynamic energy, and Jupiter bestows the confidence and optimism we need to move forward on all of our ideas.  ❤️

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4.15.21 – The next few days are full of good vibes. 🌻

photo by Ondrej Pakan

Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic because its positive influence is thought to bestow good luck and prosperity. Its light shines bright in the sky, and the confidence and optimism it bestows helps us to embrace a broader view that allows for increased abundance and positive energy.  Today Jupiter smiles on the Sun (sextile aspect) which is in Aries, expanding and directing the innocent and pure energies of Aries and helping us to gain a clear vision of what lies ahead.  There is one dark cloud though – a building square from the Aries Sun to Pluto which culminates early on April 16th. This can add a layer or two of intensity so it’s very important to try to channel the fiery energy at work right now (Aries) into something productive like physical activity or something that challenges us.

Fortunately, Jupiter and Mars are moving into a trine position – they are already very close to exact which will culminate in the wee hours (EDT) or early morning (GMT) on April 16th.  This is another very positive and happy planetary dance which will continue the good vibe for a few days.  Meanwhile the Moon is newly in Gemini which puts more focus on the mental realm and adds some urgency to the need to communicate and properly share information in order to bring about the best of Jupiter’s good fortune.


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Planetary news this week! January 21, 2019

January horoscopesOn the heels of a Full Moon, Supermoon and lunar eclipse last night, the Moon continues to move through Leo where it helps to expand our hearts and find our inner enthusiasm.  Meanwhile Mars (assertive energy) is nearing the midpoint of its trip to Aries, but a challenge from Saturn could cause some trouble over the next few days as our enthusiasm and motivation (Mars) is stressed by Saturn’s restrictions and a sense of limitation.  This is a good time to proceed slowly towards perfection rather than run impulsively into the fire of our desire (wait a minute, that is poetry!).

Venus (love and beauty) aligns with bountiful Jupiter over the next few days, and both planets are in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius.  Optimism and faith abounds now, but that pesky Saturn influence may put the kibosh on plans temporarily.

Between the 22nd and 24th Mercury is very active which will stimulate mental activity and enhance communication.  Mercury aligns with the South Node of the past on the 21st, turning our thoughts for a day or two to learn more about where we’ve come from so that we can better serve our future,  just before it moves into Aquarius on the 24th and aligns with the Sun.  When Mercury is in Aquarius, the sign of the scientist and wizard/inventor, our minds are just a bit sharper – reasoning takes precedence over raw emotion and we are able to think clearly and with innate wisdom.  There is not much water influence, other than Chiron and Neptune, and since water tends to enhance our connection to feelings and emotion we may find ourselves strongly oriented in the head and mental body.

Our drive and energy will find easier expression when Mars […]

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Sunday inspiration and planetary news

earth grand trineThis week’s inspiration is the Grand Trine in Earth that is blessing us from the heavens over the next couple of weeks.  A Grand Trine occurs when three (or more) planets align in a triangular formation, dividing the circle of the zodiac into thirds.  The number three is a perfect number: it cannot be subdivided and creates a perfect balance.

Astrologically, the trine formation promotes ease and harmony, with each influence flowing into the next.  Grand Trines in earth encourage stability and security, with a practical application for all of our ideas (air), feelings (water) and excitement (Fire).

Pluto in Capricorn was first in a trine formation to Jupiter in Taurus early in 2011, and this is the second phase of that cycle.  Jupiter, as King of the Gods, encourages us to seek experiences that are larger than ourselves and when harmonized with Pluto, that process becomes easier and achieves greater magnification.  This is an excellent dynamic for manifestation.

Over the next two weeks or so Mars in Virgo will get into the act.  Mars celebrates the inspiration and fire that comes from the belly and provides motivation for our goals and aspirations, but in Virgo Mars is not particularly dynamic.  Mars in Virgo prefers to take care of the details, but the trines from Jupiter and Pluto encourages us to expand our view (Jupiter) and unleash the power (Pluto) that lies within us.

When a planet opposes another planet that is a part of a Grand Trine that formation becomes a Kite, and we have Chiron right now in opposition to Mars and serving as the fulcrum for the Kite formation.  The opposition contains stress and tension that helps to motivate the Grand Trine into action, so […]

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