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Astrological update for the week of November 29, 2021: A solar eclipse, and some Neptune fog

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This week the big news is Neptune turning direct on December 1 after traveling in apparent retrograde motion since June 2021 (like the other two outer planets, Neptune is retrograde approximately half the year), and the upcoming solar eclipse on December 4th in Sagittarius.

The outer planets work as inspirational forces, and because they move slowly their impact can last for a long time. When a planet is preparing to change direction, its apparent motion from our perspective on Earth slows down to a crawl before stopping as it appears to turn, just like a car doing a U-turn would do.  At these times the influence of the planet is particularly potent, especially if it is hitting a sensitive point in our own chart.  Neptune has been between 20-23 degrees Pisces since February 2021, so if you have planets in this degree range in any of the mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini) you might have been experienced some intense confusion, inspiration, heightened imagination, deeper spiritual connection – all of these are Neptunian experiences that tend to enhance or blur the mundane day to day reality.

This can be a magical time, full of Spirit and wonder, but it can also create some illusion and delusion. In the middle of a pandemic, and with the intensity of the square from Saturn to Uranus creating some conflict and disruption, the desire to escape may be a strong one. Neptune in Pisces is itself connected with the idea of a virus that spreads mysteriously around the world. Neptune will not leave this 20-23 degree box until April after a conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces, which is another whole story of potential spiritual grace mixed with delusion.

In any case, […]

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Weekend update 5.29.21: Mercury turns retrograde and other news

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The weekend’s big news is the retrograde turn of Mercury at 6:34 pm EDT on Saturday.  Mercury is retrograde for three weeks, four times a year and these periods offer an opportunity to look back and reflect, to revise our thoughts and ideas, and correct errors in thinking or judgment which may be holding us back. Mercury will continue its retrograde travel until June 22nd.

Mercury is in Gemini now, and will remain in Gemini throughout the retrograde cycle which will help to facilitate our ability to adapt to these changing ideas and more easily re-frame our thinking, as well as adjust to the flukes and snafus that are common when Mercury is retrograde.  Mercury’s retrograde periods occur when Mercury is closest to Earth, and issues around information and communication become more significant.  These are periods where the mind takes center stage and it may be necessary to pay closer attention to anything having to do with the transmission of information or use of equipment.

This weekend we have the Moon in steady Capricorn on Saturday, conjoining Pluto at 6:15 pm EDT – for a few hours we may find ourselves feeling intense and very focused on a goal or idea.  The Moon will make the shift into Aquarius just after midnight, and will be very busy throughout the day on Sunday interacting with the Sun, Chiron, Uranus and Saturn.  A busy Moon can mean a fair amount of mood swings, but Aquarius tends not to be moody or emotional so we may feel this more on an intellectual or energetic level.

Throughout the day on Sunday a beautiful trine from Mars in Cancer to Neptune in Pisces will build, culminating just after midnight on […]

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