Mars trine Pluto

Astrological update for the week of August 30, 2021: Taking care of details in the midst of confusion

So many of you have asked for some kind of recording and let’s try it this week.  There is a recording of this update at the end of the post.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

This week we have a lack of the fire element in the planetary energies, and Mars, the fire planet, will oppose watery Neptune.  Fire signifies drive, purification, frustration, motivation – it’s active in nature and energizes the processing of our experiences.  Chiron is in Aries, but since Chiron represents the unhealed wound it activate our wounds in these areas rather than provide the fuel for actualization).  When there are no planetary bodies in fire, the force for change is missing – the air of thought and intellect is present (Libra, Gemini) along with Neptune in Pisces to inspire transcendence and the letting go of fixed ideas, but the motivation is lacking.

This will be especially true in the early part of the week when Mars opposes Neptune. The alignment culminates on Wednesday September 2nd, but its influence will be felt throughout the week.  Mars is in Virgo now, motivating us to examine and order the details of life, and the Neptune factor makes that more difficult.  Neptune is like the Sirens of Homeric myth, calling us with its magic song to leave the ordinary world behind and step into magic.  Beautiful and mystical, but not very practical and therefore antithetic to Virgo Mars this week.

I recommend that we all be very careful when making decisions under this influence.  Neptune casts a glamour that can make the unrealistic look very attractive, and with the Virgo New Moon approaching on September 6th, we will want to keep our Neptunian eyewear from blurring our […]

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2.24.21. The inspired power of Mars trine Pluto

Photo by Magic Theme on Flickr

It’s no mystery that we are in a time of great change.  As the old ways are being broken down, new templates and patterns are being recreated from scratch. Mars, planet of action and motivation, has been in stable Taurus since early January ensuring that no action is taken too impulsively or without much thought and planning.  Taurus resists change, so this harmonious trine from Mars to Pluto on February 23rd-24th will help add some much needed potency to any needed change.  Pluto represents the facilitation of the soul’s evolutionary process, and acts as the Will of the higher self in order to ensure that our evolutionary process continue.  Pluto’s effects can feel somewhat ruthless, and definitely intense, but when we are able to harness that power in harmony with our own Will as represented by Mars, the effectiveness of our ability to create the future is magnified tremendously.

This transit of Mars to Pluto lasts only a couple of days, but has the potential to encourage a potent breakthrough.  Meanwhile, the Leo Moon sets off the challenging square from Saturn to Uranus today, making it likely that any such breakthrough will require a letting go (Saturn) of anything blocking us from the force of change (Uranus).

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