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The astrology of Elliot Rodger, the “Virgin Killer,” Part II

elliot rodger astrologycatch up on Part I here. 


The psychological picture that we can derive from the astrological chart of Eliot Rodger shows an individual with a significant wound  (Saturn/Chiron/Sun) to his sense of Self.  The writings clearly reveal a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (see this article in Psychology Today,” the root of which is a wound to the Self.  The “Narcissistic Wound” usually occurs in childhood and in a weak personality the individual tends to blame others rather than to seek the healing which Chiron requires.

The narcissist personality is unable to view other people as anything other than an extension of their flawed selves.  From his writings we do not see that Elliot Rodger ever asked a woman out or was directly rejected by him.  Instead he was driven by jealousy and rage over what he perceived other people had that he did not.  The square from Jupiter to Pluto gave him a self-righteousness and tendency towards fixed beliefs.

Originally I rectified the chart to have Scorpio rising.   Rodger writes: “Finding out about sex is one of the things that truly destroyed my entire life. Sex… the very word fills me with hate. ”  This extreme reaction can really only be explained by a strong astrological Pluto or Scorpio.  He craved sex, and equated it with power – very Pluto/Scorpio.  And yet he was revulsed by it, and afraid of it.  It was his fear of sex that kept him from women.  Without a correct birth time we can only guess.

Transits and Progressions

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We discussed in Part I the fact that Rodger’s life appears to have been idyllic, […]

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The astrology of Eliot Rodger, the “Virgin Killer” Part 1


rodgerOn May 23, 2014 Eliot Rodger, a 22-year old former student, went on a shooting rampage that killed six people and wounded thirteen others.  Rodger, a young man who was desperate for attention and felt invisible according to his writings, left a series of Youtube videos and a 107,000 word treatise detailing virtually every detail about his life and the road to sexual obsession and rage that fueled his “Day of Retribution” against the women who rejected him and the men whom they chose instead.  While this “manifesto” is horrific and appalling, it does make it easier for the astrologer to profile this individual and attempt to find some idea of why an individual would pursue such drastic measures.

Before I present the profile to you I would like to reiterate that while this is an extremely difficult chart, other individuals born the same day, with virtually identical charts other than the exact Moon and Ascendant/Midheaven positions, are not mass murderers.  In fact, one young person born that day, Emily Rickards, has a successful acting career and Lin Yue, also born the same day, is an Olympic gold medalist in diving.  However, in analyzing the astrological chart we can see how an innately difficult personality challenge as revealed in the chart can combine with mental illness and poor choices to result in criminal behavior.

Birthchart Analysis

Eliot Rodgers was born on July 24, 1991.  The time of birth is not known.


UPDATE: Originally I rectified the time to 2:30 pm.  (Rectified birthtimes are little more than educated guesses and should never be taken as verified times, no matter how skillful the astrologer claims to be.)  This chart works beautifully, it makes sense, and I was very pleased with it.  Unfortunately it is […]

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