4.8.21 – The alignment of the Self and soul integration

Princess of Pentacles from Red Fox Tarot

Over the next couple of days Mercury, planet of the small mind (thinking and information processing) links up with Chiron in the sign of Aries to help us to be more fully embodied in the Self.  Many of us (me included) are hardly in our present selves most of the time – we are in our heads, or worrying about the future or the past.  This Mercury/Chiron alignment can help us to feel more fully connected to our Self, but it will take some conscious attention in order to experience that connection at a deep and real level.

If we don’t engage in that way, a challenging square from Mars in Gemini to Neptune in Pisces tomorrow (Friday)  could throw us off our game.  Under this aspect we could lose our sense of confidence, or suddenly feel confusion about the path forward for a day or wo.  Fortunately today’s Pisces Moon can help us to tune in to our intuition – the inner voice which always provides accurate and useful guidance! ❤️

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