Mercury conjunct Pallas

2.6.21 A brilliant download with Mercury conjunct Pallas in Aquarius

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Pallas is the goddess of divine intelligence and wisdom – she represents the root of all wisdom, and helps us to gain a higher understanding of our world, rising above our own concepts and beliefs to see a bigger picture. The asteroid Pallas is in Aquarius where she is quite comfortable, since under the influence of Aquarius the layers of multidimensional consciousness begin to open. Pallas was a name for Athena in her guise as the wise leader, and the asteroid Pallas symbolizes an innate wisdom that comes from the gods within – our higher voice of intuition.

Mercury is the planet of the mind and all matters of information processing – it operates on the mundane level to transmit data and operate machinery.  By itself it is not associated with wisdom or knowledge; rather it is the process of attaining knowledge.  But the conjunction of Mercury to Pallas which culminates on February 6th can facilitate this download of pure wisdom under the archetype of Aquarius, the bearer of wisdom from the stars to humanity.  Remember that Venus (relating) is also conjunct Saturn (restriction) on the 6th, so this is a solitary venture rather than any kind of group experience.

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The Mercury/Pallas conjunction of 2019

Mercury and Pallas are very different planetary bodies, and they differ in their astrological significance as well.  Mercury is a planet after all, and Pallas an asteroid.  Mercury’s orbit is quite short, just 88 days, where the orbit of Pallas is 1686 days.  In the astrological pantheon, planets are given primary importance with asteroids relegated to a minor role – they add details and color to the basic energies that the planets describe.

But Mercury and Pallas share an affinity for the mental realm – they both are concerned with learning and understanding.  Mercury is the messenger god, and astrologically Mercury symbolizes the mind, mental function, the desire to learn and communicate, travel short distances, and run equipment.  Pallas (Athena) was born out of the head of Zeus, and symbolizes the kind of divine intelligence which is not dependent upon the limited mind or what can be learned.

Both Mercury and Pallas are androgynous in nature.  Mercury is a shapeshifter and is able to move smoothly between worlds; in his mythology he was the only god who was allowed to travel into the underworld of Pluto’s realm.  Pallas, though female, was born of no woman or man – she sprang fully formed out of the head of the king of the gods – his own creation, as it were.  I have observed that individuals who perceive themselves as transgendered often have a prominent Pallas in their charts. In mythology, Athena is sometimes called Pallas which means “young woman” – she was the “young woman of Athens. Athena had many different roles including that of Athena Nike, the victor, but it’s as Pallas that she expresses creative wisdom rather than warfare.

Mercury and Pallas will be traveling […]

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