1.9.21. A new perspective creates an expansive vision

art by Donika Mishineva

Today’s Sagittarius Moon helps to amplify the general expansion being felt these days under the shift from a heavy Capricorn emphasis into Aquarius.  Mercury (mind) has moved into Aquarius and will transit Saturn (discipline and focus) today.  Over the next few days Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter (optimism and expansion) will operate as a tightly knit team, putting the inventiveness of Aquarius to work through thoughts and communication (Mercury), goals and plans (Saturn), and self-confidence and assurance (Jupiter).  Over these next few days it will be tempting to remain stuck in old thought patterns, grumbling about challenges and obsessing about things that don’t work out.  But this strong Aquarian energy can help us to embrace new perspectives and help us to break out of familiar and comfortable habits that hold us back.

An earthy trine from Venus in Capricorn to Mars in Taurus today helps to stabilize relationships and our general sense of well-being.  Attention to practical matters, especially having to do with our savings or financial security, will be rewarded over the next few days under this trine, and the Aquarian insight of the triple conjunction described above will aid in the re-imagining of a brighter future. ❤️

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