Alito’s personality is unveiled

Now that the hearings have begun, we’re starting to see more about how Alito really works. Alito is an Aries male, and to really understand an Aries male from the inside check out this poem sent by a poster here, Michael J. Farrand. It really captures the essence of the Warrior archetype. My earlier post named Alito the “Cautious Warrior” and this is proving to be true. Although we don’t have Alito’s birth time which would give us his rising sign/ascendant which describes the mask that he wears to the world, quotes like this give us a good indication:

“He’s mild-mannered without the bombast of Scalia,” said Elliot Mincberg, legal director of People for the American Way. “For that reason he’s more dangerous.”

Outside the Beltway quotes an article in The New Republic by Andrew Siegel, former clerk for Justice Stevens:

If you are a fan of the justices who fought throughout the Rehnquist years to pull the Supreme Court to the right, Alito is a home run–a strong and consistent conservative with the skill to craft opinions that make radical results appear inevitable and the ability to build trusting professional relationships across ideological lines. If, on the other hand, you are a committed opponent of the Scalia-Thomas-Rehnquist agenda who has been carefully evaluating O’Connor’s potential replacements with concern for the Court’s future direction, Alito might be the most dangerous possible nominee.

As we’ve seen from his chart, Alito’s mild manner belies a fiery individual with passionate views. However, Mercury conjuncts his Aries Sun, giving him a mercurial quality that is somewhat slippery. He has the ability to slip in and out of intellectual situations, and we have seen this in the hearings in his ability to speak eloquently and yet not answer the question posed. On […]

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