Mercury conjunct Venus

Astrological update for the week of December 27 2021: A New Year and a New Moon

This week we have a new month, a new year, and a Capricorn New Moon – an abundance of fresh new energies to help sweep away the cobwebs and help us to have a fresh start.  No matter how well my life is going I always love that feeling that each morning is a new day and a new opportunity to awaken in a different way.

If you missed my 2022 forecast you can catch up here. Spoiler alert: We are not out of the woods yet. 😃  Meanwhile though, this week Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28th/29th which will give us a push into the dreamy optimism of Jupiter traveling through its own sign. Jupiter was already in Pisces for part of 2021 and this is its last vacation before entering Aries in May 2022 when the energies will become more forceful and dedicated towards self-preservation rather than the communal justice that Jupiter seeks in Pisces.

Venus has been within range of a conjunction to Pluto for the past few weeks and it will finally begin to separate after this week.  If you’ve been experiencing difficulty in relationships of all kinds we can blame this aspect between the planet of connection (Venus) and the planet of destruction (Pluto).  Still, Venus is retrograde for another few weeks and we are looking back over the past to see where repairs can be made in problematic areas.

Finally, the New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 2nd – a new beginning in the creation of structures (Capricorn) to serve our new reality. I suppose technically reality won’t change much between December 31 and January 2, but this is such an excellent opportunity to facilitate a new resolve and a […]

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5.28.21 – Easier communication and flow with Mercury in Gemini conjunct Venus

art by Viktor Nizovtsev

Yesterday’s Venus/Neptune aspect opened the doorways to creativity and imagination, and then today we have Mercury conjunct Venus to lubricate greater flow in our interactions with others.  Mercury, in its own sign of Gemini where we are chattier, more curious, and more open minded, is the perfect match for Venus in Gemini which seeks connection through communication.  Under this influence which peaks on Saturday morning EDT compromise and adaptation comes more easily and it’s easier to understand the viewpoints of others.

Mercury is stationary in the sky right now as it prepares to turn retrograde, and you may already have noticed some Mercury retrograde effects:  Communication confusion, equipment malfunction, lost orders… this conjunction from Mercury to Venus will ease some of that for a day or so but it’s a good idea to be prepared for Mercury retrograde by taking special care with anything having to do with information or communication in an attempt to avoid snafus!  And then expect that they will happen anyway. 😃  But meanwhile, the Capricorn Moon helps to stabilize and offers support for planning and defining goals and ideals in preparation for the upcoming Mercury Rx review period.

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2.12.21 Post New Moon Musings, and Venus conjunct Mercury

Yesterday’s Aquarius New Moon, at the time of an Aquarius stellium with six planetary bodies in one sign, is a significant portal which continues the transition into the Aquarian Age.  Aquarius (Universal Consciousness)  is one arm of the Fixed Cross – the other arms are Taurus (physical form), Leo (ego and personality) and Scorpio (emotions and passions).  Crosses and squares in astrology must be integrated; they create conflict which leads to a crisis of resolution. As we move more fully into the Aquarian Age (I would argue that we are already well into it), we must better integrate this Fixed Cross in order to be able to activate the wisdom and universality of Aquarius.  This takes place on both the personal level and the collective, and helps us to continue to grow and evolve with ultimately less conflict and stress.

That’s the macrocosm – the big picture!  Today the Aquarius stellium continues, with a conjunction of Mercury (the mind) to Venus (relating) that helps to open a window into greater awareness and connection.  Under the influence of Aquarius, all human experience needs to be experienced through a more transpersonal lens. Using the personal elements of the physical, the ego, or the passions, will not take us where we need to go.  Today, with Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde, there is an opportunity to review our relationships through new eyes and a more rational perspective.  Rational is not better than emotional, each lens brings something new for us to work with.  But under this powerful Aquarius influence, we will be more successful in operating through the lens of reason than emotion.

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