Mercury in Aquarius

Astrological update for the week of December 27 2021: A New Year and a New Moon

This week we have a new month, a new year, and a Capricorn New Moon – an abundance of fresh new energies to help sweep away the cobwebs and help us to have a fresh start.  No matter how well my life is going I always love that feeling that each morning is a new day and a new opportunity to awaken in a different way.

If you missed my 2022 forecast you can catch up here. Spoiler alert: We are not out of the woods yet. 😃  Meanwhile though, this week Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28th/29th which will give us a push into the dreamy optimism of Jupiter traveling through its own sign. Jupiter was already in Pisces for part of 2021 and this is its last vacation before entering Aries in May 2022 when the energies will become more forceful and dedicated towards self-preservation rather than the communal justice that Jupiter seeks in Pisces.

Venus has been within range of a conjunction to Pluto for the past few weeks and it will finally begin to separate after this week.  If you’ve been experiencing difficulty in relationships of all kinds we can blame this aspect between the planet of connection (Venus) and the planet of destruction (Pluto).  Still, Venus is retrograde for another few weeks and we are looking back over the past to see where repairs can be made in problematic areas.

Finally, the New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 2nd – a new beginning in the creation of structures (Capricorn) to serve our new reality. I suppose technically reality won’t change much between December 31 and January 2, but this is such an excellent opportunity to facilitate a new resolve and a […]

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3.4.21 Messages from the higher mind with Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius

artist unknown

Today we have the planet of the lower mind working in tandem with planet of higher meaning and philosophy, both in the sign that elevates our thinking and opens up new ideas and radical departures from the way things have always been done.  That makes this an excellent day for a life review or journal exercise: What is working in our lives that we need more of, and what do we want to change?  Can we imagine a brighter future, and if so what must we do in order to facilitate this change?

In the early part of the day the Moon is finishing its passage through Scorpio which can feel a bit dark and intense but it may become easier to access our emotions and our passions for this exercise.  When the Moon moves into Sagittarius at 5:42 pm EST/10:42 GMT, a layer of optimism may kick in and facilitate this imagining of a bright and purposeful future.

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1.30.21 Mercury turns retrograde!

art by Ciro Marchetti

The first retrograde turn of Mercury occurs on January 30th.  Mercury, planet of the mind and communication transmission, is more important when retrograde. Information becomes more critical, and it’s important to take special care to be as specific as possible when making important decisions or making big purchases and commitments.  When Mercury is retrograde things often need revision and it’s not unusual to have to re-do agreements or decisions especially if they were made in haste.

Mercury is in Aquarius now, a fixed sign which does not easily adapt to the changes and revisions that we often face with Mercury retrograde, so we sometimes have more of the glitches in fixed signs that Mercury is famous for.  Fortunately, at least today, the Moon is in Virgo.  Virgo is one of the two Mercury-ruled signs, and Mercury is happy there.  Virgo also helps us to use the care and caution required when Mercury is retrograde, helping us to ease into this retrograde more smoothly. ❤️

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1.9.21. A new perspective creates an expansive vision

art by Donika Mishineva

Today’s Sagittarius Moon helps to amplify the general expansion being felt these days under the shift from a heavy Capricorn emphasis into Aquarius.  Mercury (mind) has moved into Aquarius and will transit Saturn (discipline and focus) today.  Over the next few days Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter (optimism and expansion) will operate as a tightly knit team, putting the inventiveness of Aquarius to work through thoughts and communication (Mercury), goals and plans (Saturn), and self-confidence and assurance (Jupiter).  Over these next few days it will be tempting to remain stuck in old thought patterns, grumbling about challenges and obsessing about things that don’t work out.  But this strong Aquarian energy can help us to embrace new perspectives and help us to break out of familiar and comfortable habits that hold us back.

An earthy trine from Venus in Capricorn to Mars in Taurus today helps to stabilize relationships and our general sense of well-being.  Attention to practical matters, especially having to do with our savings or financial security, will be rewarded over the next few days under this trine, and the Aquarian insight of the triple conjunction described above will aid in the re-imagining of a brighter future. ❤️

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1.8.21. Multiple planetary shifts today to break up stuck energies

artist unknown

When we live in challenging times, it’s easy to become bogged down in apprehension and uncertainty about the future.  This week we have three planets changing signs: Mars entered Taurus on the 6th, and today we have Venus entering Capricorn which will solidify and ground our relationships and interactions with others, and Mercury shifting into Aquarius.  I’m particularly excited about Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, entering Aquarius where it will be until mid-March, working with both Saturn and Jupiter to help us re-define our vision of the future.  Today, though, Mercury will form a challenging square to Mars (aggression) which could lead to some volatile rhetoric and arguments if we allow the stress to build and emerge in unpleasant ways.

This Mercury/Mars alignment does lend force to our thoughts and ability to communicate them, so if we stay grounded and centered we can put this passionate energy to work for us today.  A beautiful sextile from the Sun to Neptune can help us to use the fire of thought and messaging (Mercury/Mars) through creative imagination and heightened intuition.  Magick is created through the force of Will, and that is the power of Mars and not to be feared. ❤️


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