Mercury in Cancer

Astrological news this week: A shift of planetary energies

Astrological update for the week of July 4-11, 2022.



Mars in Taurus. Mars leaves fiery Aries for placid Taurus on July 5th and we will all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Things have been plenty hot with both Mars and Jupiter in Aries, along with Chiron to irritate the tender places in the soul with the hope of fostering healing and opening the heart. Under the influence of Taurus we are able to find our internal balance point and a renewed connection to the earthy things that bring pleasure and relief.

Mars will be in Taurus until August 20, so we have quite a while to enjoy the relaxation that this placement can bring. There are a couple of caveats though: First, it’s tempting with Mars in Taurus to want to smooth over rough edges and ignore danger signals that may arise when our lives are out of balance or confrontation is needed in order to maintain our inner peacefulness. Remember the bull who is peaceful in the pasture until the irritation becomes too great, and then an explosion of rage can ensue. Second, Mars provides motivation and physical energy, and this can be lacking when Mars is in Taurus. We may need to find other ways to motivate ourselves while Mars is in Taurus,

Very active Mercury. Mercury is the planet of adaptability, flexibility, gatherer and dispenser of information, curious and filled with a desire to learn and know things. Mercury opens the mind so all kinds of things can drop in, and encourages movement. Can’t sit still? Blame Mercury. Under Mercury’s influence we need to keep moving, keep learning, keep taking in new experiences in order to learn more about ourselves.

In […]

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7.20.21 – Shaking out the cobwebs with Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus

art by Catherine McElroy

Mercury, planet of the mind, is in Cancer right now where our thinking tends to be more emotional and sensitive.  Cancer is an acquisitive sign – it likes to gather and collect things of sentimental value, including thoughts and assumptions about the people around us.  The unlayering process of yesterday’s post with Mercury in a square aspect to Chiron continues today, but where Chiron exposes the sensitive wounds that have been dormant for some time as part of the healing process, Uranus breaks up the energy that’s become stuck and helps us to move through any blocks.

Meanwhile the Moon is in Sagittarius, encouraging freedom of thought and adventure in ideas, and it conjoins the South Node this morning (EDT) to help to liberate us from old patterns which hold us back.  Some planetary alignments of liberation can be frightening, but this one is a gentle unloosening of any bonds which have kept us locked into thought patterns which don’t serve us.  A harmonious sextile from the Moon to practical Saturn in late morning (EDT) helps to stabilize any lingering chaos, and a trine from the Moon to Chiron in the afternoon (EDT) will complete the process of healing the old wounds which have emerged over the past couple of days. ❤️


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7.12.21 – Let the heart guide the way today with Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter

art by Gede Lila Kantiana

Mercury just moved into Cancer where the mind (Mercury) embraces the entire realm of feelings (Cancer), and meets for a brief moment with Jupiter (optimism and good fortune) at the first degree of Pisces.  This happy connection brings a day or two of optimistic and open-hearted experiences that reveal what is really in the heart and helps us to see where new possibilities could lead us.  As planet of the mind, Mercury is typically focused on thoughts and ideas on a more cerebral level, but when Mercury travels through water signs, such as Cancer right now, our feelings take on a legitimate role in the thought process.

Today and tomorrow we can think big, with the help of Jupiter, and that thinking will encompass our feelings as well. The Leo Moon encourages us to find a way to feel good about ourselves, and the Moon translates the upcoming Venus/Mars conjunction for a boost of general good will and good energy.  There’s not too much to complain about today astrologically, so let’s make the most of it! ❤️

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7.10.21 Weekend Update – The New Moon continues to blossom today

art by Margaret Barry

Think about a New Moon as being like the bud of a flower which is just ready to open.  The moment of the astrological New Moon, the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, is the pregnant pause just before the bud begins to blossom.  Today the new beginning promised by the New Moon begins to unfold as the Moon completes her journey through her own sign of Cancer.  Today is the perfect day to center our attention on the heart and see what it has to tell us.  Where are the hard edges?  Where are the soft and squish spaces which need to heal?  We have greater access to the heart today than on many days, and our feelings take center stage.

The Moon leaves Cancer for Leo Saturday night (EDT), but Mercury shifts into Cancer on Sunday at 4:35 pm EDT.  After a long journey through Gemini, this movement of the planet of the mind into Cancer helps us to continue the journey into the watery realms of feeling and intuition, something which may have been lost in the Aquarian energies of early 2021 and the chatter of Mercury in Gemini over the past couple of months. Still, with the Moon in Leo on Sunday there will be some need for self-focus and hope for a joyful day. ❤️


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