Mercury opposite Uranus

Astrological update for the week of November 8, 2021: Mars and the cycle of change

As you may know, I’ve been calling the square from Saturn to Uranus the story of 2021 – the pressures between control for the sake of society (Saturn) versus the rebellion and radical motivations of Uranus.  There is no more vivid representation of the Saturn/Uranus square than the global battle over masking and vaccinations during this pandemic and the extreme path which this debate has taken.

Saturn and Uranus are five degrees apart from an exact square, but the aspect is tightening over the next month until it culminates in mid-December.  Every time a faster-moving planetary body activates Saturn or Uranus, the themes of the square are also activated even if it’s the Moon which lasts just a few hours.  This week Mercury (mind and communication) aligns with Mars (aggression and motivation), and both planets will ignite the Saturn/Uranus dynamic.  Expect the themes of rebellion and domination to be more pronounced, and with Mars in Scorpio the power of passion will be intensified.

In other words, duck.  Try not to inflame already heated situations if you can help it. If you can, speak your truth with conscious intention and the light of awareness, without seeking blame or needing to win (both Scorpio themes).  This is not a good week for difficult conversations or confrontation, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen so be prepared. We often can’t avoid situations that emerge in challenging planetary times because these times are meant to promote personal and global evolution.

Here’s the forecast for the week.  Dates and times are given for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality. ❤️

art by Keith Malett

Monday November 8.  The planets are relatively quiet on Monday and […]

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11.17.20. The final dance of Mercury opposite Uranus

art by Joma Sipe

Mercury, the planet of the mind, first opposed Uranus on October 7th – where Mercury presides over information and communication, Uranus opens the portal to the higher mind where innovation and creative discoveries take place.  Mercury has been in Scorpio since September (although it dipped back into Libra while retrograde, it re-entered Scorpio last week and re-intensified the Scorpionic focus on digging out the truth. Oppositions are forces of tension that require integration, and while Mercury in Scorpio is intense and passionate, Uranus requires that we depersonalize our thoughts and actions in order to better see the bigger picture.

Now that Mercury is direct, this opposition lasts only a couple of days but we can use this time to awaken (Uranus) something that may be hidden in our own consciousness, or find a radical new way to approach a problem that has worried us for quite some time.  Any Mercury/Uranus contact has the potential to awaken new ideas, so I always recommend carrying a notebook to record any gems that come your way!

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