12.4.20 Rebuilding life philosophies under Mercury trine Chiron

art by Everild Wolfden

With Mercury in Sagittarius now (especially after quite a long while in Scorpio), it’s easier now to take a longer-range and more optimistic view of the things that are to come.  Our dreams and longings are easier to imagine, and we may be somewhat more energized to make any necessary changes.  That is especially true over the next couple of days under a harmonious trine from Mercury to Chiron.  Chiron opens the door to healing old wounds, and to deepening our innate wisdom in order to eventually become a help to others.  Under this influence (December 4th and 5th) there is a tremendous amount of energy for healing and facilitating personal transformation.

Mercury is also locked in a square to Ceres, the asteroid/planet that teaches us how to live more fully in physical form.  This adds a layer of challenge to the healing trine, and suggests that making sure to take care of our body through eating well and movement will enhance our ability to take advantage of the Mercury trine to Chiron. This trine ultimately facilitates our ability to rebuild our philosophies and ideas about life, something which will become even more necessary in the days to come.

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