Mercury square Mars

3.23.21 It could be another disruptive day when we must face difficult facts

art by Sam Brown

The challenging square between Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Gemini from yesterday’s post is at its peak today, so the potential for confusion and lack of clarity is likely to prevail.  Efforts at productivity and effective communication are likely to be frustrated by a fog of illusion and distraction.  In addition, the Leo Moon is very active and challenges both Uranus (disruption) and Saturn (reality check) to perhaps force some kind of confrontation which may be difficult, but which will result in greater illumination and understanding.

Today is best spent gathering information, but if you can wait to make important decisions for a day or two it might be more productive.  Today’s energies are more conducive to opening the mind to new ideas and breaking up stagnant thought patterns and that certainly has its own value! ❤️

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3.23.21. Confusing messages today with Mercury square Mars

art by Alex Tooth

Mercury, planet of the mind and communication,  is in Pisces right now where it loves to dream and imagine expansive and lofty ideas, and where it acts more from feelings and intuition than facts. Today Mercury makes a challenging square aspect to Mars in Gemini which may generate a lot of excitement and motivation without a clear goal or direction.  Mars in Gemini is so fascinated by so many things, and the hunger for learning is intense under that aspect; however, Gemini and Pisces are both mutable signs which are adaptable, but not always very focused.

You may be flooded with ideas today, and lots of thoughts about things to do and how to do them, but don’t be surprised if you flounder and find it difficult to actually take a step or find a clear path forward.  Similarly, our communication (Mercury) with others could be fraught with confusion and lack clarity. Today is a great day to gather these thoughts and insights, but maybe wait a day or two until this aspect has passed and the fog clears.

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1.8.21. Multiple planetary shifts today to break up stuck energies

artist unknown

When we live in challenging times, it’s easy to become bogged down in apprehension and uncertainty about the future.  This week we have three planets changing signs: Mars entered Taurus on the 6th, and today we have Venus entering Capricorn which will solidify and ground our relationships and interactions with others, and Mercury shifting into Aquarius.  I’m particularly excited about Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, entering Aquarius where it will be until mid-March, working with both Saturn and Jupiter to help us re-define our vision of the future.  Today, though, Mercury will form a challenging square to Mars (aggression) which could lead to some volatile rhetoric and arguments if we allow the stress to build and emerge in unpleasant ways.

This Mercury/Mars alignment does lend force to our thoughts and ability to communicate them, so if we stay grounded and centered we can put this passionate energy to work for us today.  A beautiful sextile from the Sun to Neptune can help us to use the fire of thought and messaging (Mercury/Mars) through creative imagination and heightened intuition.  Magick is created through the force of Will, and that is the power of Mars and not to be feared. ❤️


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The meaning of Mercury in Cancer: May 28-August 4, 2020

art by Ellen Uytewaal

Mercury, the planet of messages and information, is typically in a sign for less than a month, but because of the upcoming retrograde it will remain in Cancer until August 4th.  Any retrograde Mercury period is important since a retrograde planet applies greater emphasis and tends to dominate the astrological influences. This year, however, when Mercury turns retrograde on June 18th it will  just one of five planets in retrograde (followed by Neptune a few days later for a total of six).  You may want to catch up on this article about the summer of retrogrades.

But back to Mercury in Cancer.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the luminary that governs our emotions and our secret inner selves.  To understand Cancer you need go no farther than the Crab which is one of Cancer’s symbols.  With a soft tender shell in their youth, the Crab is very vulnerable and tender, caring deeply for others and for the world as a whole.  However if the Crab is hurt or wounded it may develop a hard shell in later years making it difficult to express those tender feelings.

Mercury is typically objective and seeks a certain amount of order in our thinking and transmission of information, but in Cancer the need for an open mind can be subsumed by feelings and sensation.  Cancer thrives on a sense of being at home, both physically and with our families or our tribe – the people with whom we feel more at home.  Much is being written these days about our “quarantine tribe” – the people that we are closest to and choose to spend time with even while in quarantine […]

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