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Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover: An astrological timeline

In April of this year I wrote a profile of Elon Musk after he attempted a hostile takeover of Twitter and now he has done it.  You can read that profile here, but to sum it up:

Dealing with impulse control is a theme in this chart. We have the mentalism of the Sun and Mercury squared by Uranus, the planet of impulsive and radical action. We have a lack of fire. We see that the fire planet Mars is in the air sign Aquarius adding more froth to the mentality of the chart, especially since it is inflamed by Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio itself is ruled by Mars, making this a “double whammy” connection between forceful Mars and expansive Jupiter, expanding Musk’s confidence and his need to be right in the fixed signs which can be quite stubborn.  Yet on the other hand the Cancerian Sun and Mercury long for connection and a sense of belonging, and the Virgo Moon seeks perfection and order.

This combination of Mars (action) and Jupiter (confidence) has been activated this year along with some other planetary conditions that showed he was ripe to do something typically Elon in sheer scope and hubris. I imagine a minority of my readers are on Twitter much less care about Elon Musk, but I thought it would be interesting to compare the Twitter takeover timeline to the astrology as a demonstration of the planets at work (thanks to CNN for these details). Some of this will be too technical for my lay readers and for this I apologize! Feel free to post questions in the comments.

January 31: Elon begins building his shares in Twitter.

  • We don’t know exactly […]
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8.3.21 – Time to shake off the cobwebs with aspects to Uranus today!

artist unknown?

Today is bookended with activations of Uranus, the planet of radical change and will definitely not be boring!  We begin with a harmonious trine from Venus to Uranus in the wee hours of the morning (EDT) followed by a challenging square from Mercury to Uranus at night, adding some spice to our interactions with others (Venus) and then overstimulating the mind (Mercury).  Uranus is the Awakener, and provokes a desire to make a change if everything in our life is not just right.

With the Moon in Gemini, it can be a challenge to focus and we can be somewhat scattered.  No worries, today is a day to go with the flow.  The Moon harmonizes with planets all day, helping to facilitate a smooth ride. This may not be a relaxing day, but it could be an exciting one.  Pick one thing in your life that no longer fits, and plan to make a change. ❤️

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Planetary news this week: August 2, 2021

Astrological forecast by Lynn Hayes

Major events

This week we have the conjunction of the Sun to Mercury, one of the linchpins of the Mercury retrograde cycle (the exact conjunction was August 1st but it lingers into the beginning of the week).  The Sun conjoins Mercury, planet of the mind, once as Mercury travels direct, and then again at the midpoint of the retrograde cycle.  I think of the Sun as the Illuminator, shining a light into the darkness, and the Sun/Mercury combinations bring the potential for realizations and a new kind of intelligence.

That is particularly important this week because the Sun and Mercury also activate the challenging square from Saturn (control and rules) to Uranus (radical change) which is the main story of 2021.  That effect lingers throughout the week, and then the Leo New Moon on August 8th acts as an additional trigger.

What this means is that any structures we have built for ourselves which are eroding and will not fit into the energy patterns of the new world will begin to fall away as new patterns and structures are created.  If we are personalities which embrace change this may come easily and bring exciting new influences.  If we tend to hold onto the past, though, this is likely a difficult time. On a global level the pressure for change is enormous, and this is a good time to remember the Serenity Prayer and think about what we can and cannot change.

Dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your time zone.

Monday August 2nd

Yesterday we had an opposition from Mercury to Saturn which may have created some negative thinking.  Saturn isn’t inherently negative, but it does urge us to face up to reality and […]

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Weekend update – The power of the Will to create change

art by Kristina Makeeva

On Saturday July 17th the Libra Moon sets off the approaching opposition of the Sun and Pluto, finding a tender balance between the sensitivity of the Cancer Sun and the relentless pressure of Pluto to emerge from the safety of the cocoon and step out into the brilliant light of our best selves. In Libra, the Moon urges an attempt to find harmony and that is not always possible in a situation like this so instead we can find that center point of balance within.

Once the Moon makes the shift into Scorpio at 2:38 pm EDT, however, we might as well dive into the depths of emotion, feeling and passion.  The Sun/Pluto opposition builds until 6:46 pm, fueling the intensity behind everything that we’re feeling, and the Pluto-ruled Scorpio Moon just doubles down on that emotional firepower.  This is not always comfortable, especially for those of us who are uncomfortable with lots of intensity and emotion (I’m looking at you, Aquarius and Sagittarius!).  But the power of Pluto can help us to shatter old paradigms of who we think we are and assist in the evolutionary process.

The intensity of the Sun/Pluto alignment lingers into Sunday, especially with the Moon still in Scorpio until late Monday afternoon.  The Moon activates the bigger cycle of Saturn square Uranus – the revolutionary cycle of unrest that is the story of 2021 – throughout the day making Sunday an excellent time to listen to the passionate needs of the heart and visualize a change which will strengthen and embolden you to embark on a new and exciting path.  The energy is building all day for a strong square from Mercury to Uranus which culminates on […]

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