3.2.21 New ideas and messages from the future

art by Helena Nelson Reed

Mercury is in Aquarius right now – the planet of the mind in the sign of awakening, logic and reason.  We can see the Saturn rulership of Aquarius in the rationality and clear thinking of that sign, and the Uranus rulership is visible in the acceptance of radical new paradigms for which Aquarius is known.  Today, Mercury connects in a harmonious trine to the North Node of the future; the guidepost which lights the way to a more enlightened tomorrow.

Venus is approaching a harmonious sextile to Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius, which will culminate tomorrow but in the meantime this activation is beginning to affect our sensibilities and interactions with others while Mercury receives messages from the future.  It’s a good day to pay attention and engage in some self-inquiry to see whether anything comes up for you that can serve as a guide to better navigate through this time of change. ❤️

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