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Full Moon in Cancer, January 15 2015: Emotional truths

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The Full Moon in Cancer follows a beautiful conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter that aligned around 1 am Eastern on January 15th.  Lunar transits are quick and generally not powerful, but the expansion of the Moon by Jupiter just before the Full Moon adds power and majesty to the experience of this Full Moon.

The Moon rules Cancer, and is happiest in that sign where emotions can find their most immediate expression.  In the Full Moon the Sun opposes the Moon, and here we see the Capricorn Sun, with its focus on the practical and responsible along with the need to establish structures that create THINGS, in opposition to the Cancerian need to allow emotions and feelings their freedom to create moods and whims and find their own way to Truth.  The Cancer/Capricorn polarity reflects divisions between the strength of the inner world of feelings versus the outer world of doing and materiality.

With the Moon in Cancer questions of nurturing come to the forefront and these questions are particularly powerful during this Full Moon with Venus (love and relationships) conjunct Pluto (power and Truth).  Venus is retrograde, encouraging us to look back and heal past relationships and strengthen our current ones.  Questions that come up now include:  How can we take care of others and still care for ourselves?  Are we taking care of others just so we ourselves can be nurtured?  How can we find balance between the needs of our emotions that rise and fall like the tides, and the harmony that we require in our relationships with others?  These are typically Cancerian issues that are magnified right now under the influence of Venus/Pluto.

Mars is also […]

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The Compassion of George Bush

and an astrological update of the US President

President Bush recently showed his compassionate nature when he commuted the prison sentence of his loyal soldier Scooter Libby because he felt the sentence was “excessive.” He demonstrated a great deal of sympathy for the man who merely lied to protect him and decried the suffering of his wife and children. Still, I was reminded that this was the same man who, while governor, was the overseer over more executions than any other governors in recent US history. Bush explained in his autobiography that it was not his job to “replace the verdict of a jury unless there are new facts or evidence of which a jury was unaware, or evidence that the trial was somehow unfair” and therefore it was not up to him to pardon those that were sentenced to death. This is the same man that observed the wreckage of New Orleans from 5,000 feet and seems to care little for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed in his war of liberation.

The President was born under the sign of Cancer, and as such he has a tremendous compassion and desire to nurture those that he loves. Cancer is a tribal sign – loyalty to one’s own is paramount. Extremely sensitive to attack from outside, Cancer will fearlessly protect members of the tribe from that outside influence. You can read more about President Bush’s chart in this earlier article and this update, but it is significant that a stellium of four planets in Libra (Neptune, Chiron, Moon and Jupiter) all square this Cancer Sun, creating challenge in his ability to accomplish that tribal protection.

The square from Jupiter (King of […]

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