2.23.21 Lunar aspects from the Cancer Moon, and Lilith

art by Manami Lingerfelt

With no planetary interactions today the Cancer Moon can speak with a louder voice without being drowned out by stronger influences. And what is she trying to sell us?  Cancer itself is ruled by the Moon – the mother, the planetary body which encourages us to connect more deeply to our inner selves, our inner child if you will – our deepest emotions which serve as the doorway to a more soulful experience. Today the Cancer Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Uranus helping us to relax into a new level of ease with our feelings that helps facilitate a change, but also challenges Chiron in a square aspect to bring up old wounds which may stand in the way.  Most of us are more sensitive and sentimental when the Moon is in Cancer, so we may be walking on eggshells for a day or two.

Black Moon Lilith is also in the news today as she becomes an unwilling participant in the challenging square between Saturn (rules) and Uranus (breaking the rules).  Lilith represents the depth of our outrage against oppression and abuse, and riding on the coattails of the Saturn/Uranus pressure for change, we may find some hidden darkness rise up from the depths to find justice. However Lilith also forms a harmonious sextile to the Sun today which should easily illuminate any of that darkness and facilitate its transmutation into wisdom and justice. 👍🏼

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