Moon in Libra

6.18.21 – A boost of peace and beauty from the Libra Moon

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Libra is the sign of balance, equanimity and partnership.  Under the influence of Libra we are more easily able to see different points of view and this sometimes manifests as a contrarian perspective.  Today’s lunar aspects are strictly harmonious, with a sextile to Mars around 12:30 pm EDT for a burst of positive energy, and a harmonious trine to the North Node of the future later in the evening.

The achievement of Libra’s integration does not always come easily and we may find ourselves swinging from one extreme to another in the attempt to achieve that balance.  But overall, under this influence we choose the path that will bring more of a sense of peacefulness and an appreciation for the beauty in all things around us today.  ❤️

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The astrology of Meghan Markle

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This is Part I of a two-part series on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.  Disclosure: As a long time fan of the Suits TV show (Seasons 1-5, it lost me after Season 6) and a follower of Meghan’s Tig blog until its recent demise,  I am fully on Team Meghan.  While I’ve tried to be as impartial as possible in this profile, I am definitely prejudiced by my admiration for her and am tickled that a mixed-race American is going to marry Prince Harry, forever transforming the British monarchy and symbolizing a sea change in the traditions of royalty. 

In case you have been cloistered away from the news, and who could blame you, Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle are engaged and will be married in May 2018.  I profiled Prince Harry in the summer of 2017 (catch up here)  after he opened up to the world about his psychological issues – this article is about Meghan and I will follow up with an astro analysis of their relationship.

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Meghan was born with the Sun in Leo: sign of the actor, the entertainer – with a generous heart and a craving for attention. It must be said that Leo IS the sign of royalty – represented by the King of the Lions, most individuals with a strong Leo signature in their charts have a need to feel special and acclaimed.

Her Libra Moon signifies a craving for partnership and a need for personal harmony, but her Moon is impinged by both Saturn (isolation, loneliness, achievement) and […]

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