Moon in Pisces

5.6.21 – Gentle transformation with Venus and the Pisces Moon

art by Carly Marie

Yesterday’s harmonious trine from Venus to Pluto, softening the hard edges and aiding in the transformation of our interactions with others, still lingers today.  Under this influence we can see a little more deeply into the subconscious patterns that underlie all of our interactions, and make the appropriate changes where needed.  Even a soft impact of Pluto can wield a sword, but in the trine the sword moves swiftly and gently to get right to the point.

Meanwhile the Moon is in Pisces, opening the heart and soothing any hard edges to facilitate an easy transformation and transition. Any Pisces influence will operate to blur the boundaries of conventional life and open a window into a greater observance of soulful connections, and that is especially true when the Moon, the very window into the soul, is in Pisces.  And even more true this afternoon EDT/evening GMT when the Moon conjoins Neptune, Pisces’ modern ruler, in a double whammy of Neptunian illumination. Today is the perfect day to connect more deeply into ourselves by quieting the outer world a bit and letting the soul speak. ❤️

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Dick Cheney’s Dark Side

Dick Cheney’s Dark Side is Showing

(Washington Post article, November 7 2005)

The birthchart of Dick Cheney shows an individual who possesses the potential to do great things. His chart contains a highly unusual number of aspects between planets that have powerful implications for an individual. There’s a T-square, a Grand Trine, a Kite, a Yod, and a Mystic Rectangle—an unprecedented number of aspect formations in my experience. What does all this mean?

Mr. Cheney is an Aquarian, ruled by Uranus. Uranus is the idealist, the Utopian thinker. The god Uranus, fearing his overthrow by his children, ate them one by one when they were born. The dark side of Uranus is the willingness to sacrifice the individual for the sake of the ideal society.

Cheney’s chart shows Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Taurus – the voice of doubt (Saturn) conjunct the voice of confidence (Jupiter) in the sign of stability. A keyword for Taurus is perseverance; like the bull, Taurus never waivers in its slow but steady march toward security. Saturn and Jupiter are both square to Cheney’s Sun, showing a difficult combination of narcissism (Jupiter/Sun) with an insecure nature (Saturn/Sun). Virgo is rising in his chart, indicating a man who is serious about his work and tends to shun the spotlight.

Cheney is not a romantic man; with Venus in Capricorn he is very practical about matters of the heart. Perhaps this is why his wife is writing lesbian fiction, but that’s another story… His Sagittarian Mars gives him a longing for freedom and adventure and is square to his Moon, indicating someone with a strong temper and irritable nature.

That moon is in Pisces, a difficult place for an Aquarian. Aquarius is dry and airy […]

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