7.21.20 – A busy Moon, and Venus enters Virgo

art by Silvia Duran

The planets are beginning to quiet down, and as the more powerful forces wind down for now the subtler energies of the Moon can come into focus.  The Moon is in Sagittarius now, whispering a tale of adventure and optimism, hinting that better times are ahead.  We can certainly use that right now!   Today the Moon squares Neptune very early in the day (all times are Eastern time zone – please adjust for your own locality), urging us to let go of the details for a few moments and let the imagination run free.  From there the Moon goes on to harmonize in a trine to Mars around 10 am, energizing and inspiring action.  Our interactions with others are favored in the late afternoon/early evening when the Moon trines Venus before shifting into Capricorn at 6:36 pm.  Once the Moon moves into Capricorn we will tend to take things more seriously, so today is a great day to think big and then we can make things happen under the Capricorn Moon.

Venus will leave happy Leo for Virgo at 8:36 pm EDT.  It’s not that Venus in Virgo isn’t happy, it just doesn’t see happiness as a priority.  In Virgo, Venus inspires us to take care of details and honor our commitments in our relationships. Helping others is one way in which Venus in Virgo finds happiness – repairing broken alliances is another way.  Venus will stay in Virgo until August 16th, so we have a few weeks to take care of relationship details and get the job done. ❤️

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