Moon in Virgo

1.30.21 Mercury turns retrograde!

art by Ciro Marchetti

The first retrograde turn of Mercury occurs on January 30th.  Mercury, planet of the mind and communication transmission, is more important when retrograde. Information becomes more critical, and it’s important to take special care to be as specific as possible when making important decisions or making big purchases and commitments.  When Mercury is retrograde things often need revision and it’s not unusual to have to re-do agreements or decisions especially if they were made in haste.

Mercury is in Aquarius now, a fixed sign which does not easily adapt to the changes and revisions that we often face with Mercury retrograde, so we sometimes have more of the glitches in fixed signs that Mercury is famous for.  Fortunately, at least today, the Moon is in Virgo.  Virgo is one of the two Mercury-ruled signs, and Mercury is happy there.  Virgo also helps us to use the care and caution required when Mercury is retrograde, helping us to ease into this retrograde more smoothly. ❤️

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11.9.20 Integration required with Venus opposite Mars today

art by Caroline Maniere

Today we have Venus in its own sign of Libra opposite Mars in its own sign of Aries.  This is the most pure form of this polarity between Venus, the planet of connection and accommodation (as well as beauty and aesthetics and values and so much more) facing off against Mars, the planet of individuation and desire and need (as well as motivation and anger and boundaries etc.).  All oppositions represent polarities that require integration.  If we give in too much in the name of achieving harmony under Venus in Libra, we will lose a sense of Self that Mars requires.  But if we focus too much on our own needs under Mars in Aries, we lose the ability to connect with others and achieve more satisfying relationships.

The Moon has just entered Virgo which aids in the effort to create order, and this can be a real help today in finding that balance point.  Later today the Moon will align in a harmonious trine to Uranus which can foster new ideas and the discovery of a new way to break out of a difficult situation.  The keyword for today’s influences is Balance Point.  ❤️

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