The astrology chart and impact of Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh died yesterday at the age of 70.  Arguably one of the right wing’s strongest influences, he dominated the airwaves of conservative media for over 30 years.

Limbaugh’s chart reveals a cocktail of hidden rage and trauma.  With the Sun in Capricorn, he had a strong will to succeed and make his mark, but his Sun was in the 12th house of the hidden and the subconscious, and it was in a challenging square to Neptune, the modern planet which is associated with the 12th house.  It’s often said that 12th house Sun people prefer to be hidden, but many politicians and other people of fame have 12th house Suns.  However, these individuals tend not to crave the limelight but simply endure it for the sake of their work such as Tony Blair, George W Bush, and Jodie Foster.  Perhaps this is why Limbaugh chose the radio format rather than television.

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Limbaugh’s Moon was in Pisces – another Neptune/12th house correspondence, but here we have the emotional sensitivity of the Moon in the most sensitive of all signs.  In Pisces the Moon tends to lack good boundaries and can easily become overwhelmed.  Under its traditional Jupiter rulership, Pisces seeks escapism and the safety of theology, and Jupiter in Limbaugh’s chart is also in Pisces which amplifies the effect of Pisces in the chart.  We would normally see these Pisces influences as demonstrating great empathy and depth of feeling, and we will never know if this was true for Rush Limbaugh – if it was, he kept it well hidden. Pisces can be easily deceived and can be somewhat of a shapeshifter and unreliable.  Limbaugh was well known to be a fabricator of tall tales […]

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