NASA and Mercury Retrograde

NASA seems to really like Mercury retrograde.  NASA first launched the Discovery space shuttle on August 30, 1984 when Mercury was retrograde.  The Discovery launched the Hubble telescope on April 24 1990 when Mercury was retrograde.

After the initial launch of the Hubble scientists discovered that the optical mirror was flawed.  Because the Hubble was supposed to be shooting photographs of deep space, this was a real problem.

Often Mercury Retrograde periods can be used to repair problems from previous Mercury Retrograde events.  For example, in July of 2006 problems during Mercury Rx kept the Discovery from a successful launch, and the December launch, also during Mercury Rx was successful.

Yesterday, with Mercury Retrograde,  the Atlantis space shuttle was launched with a crew to repair the Hubble telescope.  Immediately after its launch scientists discovered some damage to the exterior of the shuttle but it was termed “minor.”

This is a good illustration that Mercury Retrograde periods do not necessarily need to be feared.  Yes, problems occur but they are rarely fatal.

Joseph Mina adds in the comments:

NASA was created by an act of Congress on July 29, 1958. At that time, Mercury at 2 Virgo conjuncted Pluto at 1 Virgo, both sextile Neptune at 2 Scorpio. Just prior, on July 20th, Mercury entered its retrograde shadow at 24 Leo with the retrograde station occurring on August 9 at 7 Virgo. So Mercury Retrograde would be a natural rhythm for NASA. Add the Scorpion juice of the Pluto conjunction to the mix and you have some high octane rocket propellant. One other interesting astrological point – Chiron in the July 29 chart is 21 Aquarius. As transiting Chiron is now moving back and forth over that degree with Jupiter, a renewed energy is building to take NASA in a different direction. Very happy the Hubble […]

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The Chiron/Neptune Conjunction of 2009-2010

Chiron NeptuneOne of the big astrological events for 2009 is the triple conjunction of Chiron and Neptune with Jupiter that will culminate at the end of May when all three planets are within 1 degree of each other in Aquarius.  Although the exact conjunction won’t occur until February 17, 2010, Chiron and Neptune are within a degree of a conjunction now, so this planetary event is definitely well underway.

So what will this mean for us?  Chiron teaches us to face the old wounds of our past and allow ourselves to be healed, opening us up to greater wisdom and understanding that we can then pass along to others.  Neptune inspires us towards a more transcendent experience of our lives that encourages us to recognize the impermanence of life’s mysteries.  However, each of those planets have a darker face as well that can arise.  If we resist the Chiron experience we can become stuck in our own wounds, unable to see that they are of our own making and unable to let go.  If we resist the Neptune experience we can feel confused or become deluded by our fantasies and illusions.

Both Chiron and Neptune pose difficulty for the expression of the ego.  Chiron requires that we process the wounds of the psyche before the ego can manifest in a truly healthy form, and Neptune calls for the transcendence of the ego into the divine unconscious: “from a drop of water to the endless sea.”  In Aquarius that transcendence of the ego is even more important as Aquarius is a transpersonal sign; the sign that loves mankind but isn’t so crazy about people as individuals.  The new “transhumanism” is a signature of Aquarius, in which technology and innovation […]

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A New Direction: Neptune, Rahu and the New Moon

Sunset Activation, by Francene Hart

One of the more interesting things about planetary activity this month is the fact that Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are all slowing down to a “station” as they prepare to change direction. Jupiter traverses less than a degree during the month, Saturn less than half a degree, Uranus just one degree, Neptune only about 11 minutes, and Pluto just over 30 minutes. The influence of all of these planets is particularly focused and intense now, and this is exceptionally true if any of these planets are affecting us by transit.

The Nodes of the Moon are not planets; they are points in the sky where the Moon crosses the ecliptic, or the apparent path of the Sun. The North Node represents our evolutionary direction towards the future; the South Node holds us back. Aspects and transits of planets to and from the North Node often point to a change of course, or a (usually) fortunate event that aligns us more completely with our evolutionary journey.

Neptune opens our eyes and our hearts to a different way of seeing and healing – one that comes from within. Neptune’s reputation for confusion and illusion and deception arises from the fact that sometimes in order to encourage us to look a little deeper for answers we can lose our footing and try to find those answers elsewhere. The alignment of the North Node this week signifies a change of direction that (a) encourages or (b) forces us to let go of our attachment to what we thought was real in order to deepen our experience of the true reality that transcends the physical world.

This aspect coincides […]

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Saturn in Virgo: Food Rationing

Many parts of America, long considered the breadbasket of the world, are now confronting a once unthinkable phenomenon: food rationing.

Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply. There are also anecdotal reports that some consumers are hoarding grain stocks.

At a Costco Warehouse in Mountain View, Calif., yesterday, shoppers grew frustrated and occasionally uttered expletives as they searched in vain for the large sacks of rice they usually buy.

“Where’s the rice?” an engineer from Palo Alto, Calif., Yajun Liu, said. “You should be able to buy something like rice. This is ridiculous.” …

An employee at the Costco store in Queens said there were no restrictions on rice buying, but limits were being imposed on purchases of oil and flour. Internet postings attributed some of the shortage at the retail level to bakery owners who flocked to warehouse stores when the price of flour from commercial suppliers doubled. …

Saturn’s limitations combined with Virgo’s interest in diet and health is creating some interesting challenges but it’s not always easy to predict where shortage will occur. When Saturn was in Virgo from 1948-1951, this cycle coincided with a worldwide food shortage in a post-World War II world.

In 1978-1980, Saturn in Virgo presided over a nurse (Virgo) shortage (Saturn) as well as a shortage of gasoline which led to a worldwide energy crisis. Neptune rules oil and other liquids, and Neptune is currently in Aquarius where it has been seeking energy alternatives. Chiron is as close now (4 degrees) to a conjunction with Neptune as it will be until the two collide in 2010, and these two will be locked in a dance until next fall where they begin […]

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Hillary Clinton and the Moon’s Nodes

Hillary Clinton’s chart shows that she has the planet Saturn making a very tight square to the nodes of the Moon. The lunar nodes are not planets in the chart and don’t carry any energy of the personality; they are like signposts that point us in the direction from our evolutionary past to our future.

Tight aspects from a planet to the nodes of the Moon often indicate a karmic issue that an individual brings with them from a previous lifetime. Saturn, being the planet of order and governance, is an indicator that Clinton came into this existence with a predisposition to fear that she will never achieve her goals. This is exacerbated by the fact that she has four planets in intense and power-driven Scorpio which keep her locked into the past of her Scorpio South Node, and no planets in peace-loving and stable Taurus which is her destiny as shown by the North Node.

It’s interesting that just as transiting Neptune forms a square to Clinton’s lunar nodes, forming a Grand Cross with Saturn, she loses her chief strategist due to deceptive behavior. (Mark Penn was fired from the Clinton campaign for secretly negotiating with the Columbian government as Clinton was herself opposing the agreement for which Penn was offering advice.) The challenging Neptune transits create confusion and cause us to feel that we have lost our way and our direction. We are more prone to deception and our energy is scattered.

Clinton has weathered many difficult transits over the past few years and kept trudging along. But transits to the nodes of the Moon challenge us to evaluate our life’s path and see whether we are in need of a course correction.

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