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The astrology of Amy Klobuchar

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Amy Klobuchar is now third in the CNN poll of Democratic candidates in New Hampshire.  Unlike the other candidates, Klobuchar doesn’t really have a “hook.”  Bernie is Bernie.  Warren “has a plan for that.”  Biden is “Uncle Joe.”  Yang offers Universal Income, and Buttigieg is “Mayor Pete.”  Ms. Klobuchar doesn’t seem to have a hook like this, other than she is running as a moderate centrist.

We are fortunate to have a birth certificate time for Ms. Klobuchar (thank you!) so that we can create an accurate birth chart.  From this we can see that she was born under a New Moon, with the Sun and Moon conjunct in Gemini.  New Moon people are changemakers – they were born at the beginning of a new lunar phase and they are ready to wipe the slate clean.  We saw this with Queen Victoria, another politician with the New Moon in Gemini who single handedly erased the shame of the loss of the American colonies and presided over the greatest expansion of Empire the world had ever seen.

I’m not saying that Ms. Klobuchar has that kind of potential, but the enthusiasm and electricity of the New Moon personality is not to be denied.  The double Gemini influence carries a sharp intellect and consistent good humor, but also there can be a tendency towards the superficial and a changeability that […]

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The astrology of Greta Thunberg

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I am often asked to profile good people for a change, instead of the mass murderers and psychologically unbalanced individuals that fascinate me.  So I picked Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish woman who at age 15 has become an internationally known climate activist.  Greta has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and, curiously in light of her subsequent emergence as an outspoken activist, something called “selective mutism” in which a child is unable to speak under certain circumstances.

Greta’s astrological birth chart shows that she has the both the Sun and Moon in the practical sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn people like to Get Things Done, and Greta was born just after the Capricorn New Moon so there is a sense of beginning something new.  The New Moon personality has a quality of innocence combined with an intense energy to begin something new and create sweeping change. Her Mars (depicting her drive and the way she asserts herself) is in the intense and powerful sign of Scorpio, and it is aligned with Venus which shows she is intense and independent in all of her interpersonal dealings.

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Greta’s Sun is conjunct Chiron, the dwarf planet of wounding and healing.  This alignment signifies an individual who came into this world with a deep soul wound that she will be faced with throughout her life so that it can eventually be healed.  The Chiron archetype is that of the mentor – having healed our own wounds we then can choose to become a healer of others and a mentor to those who share our own affliction.  Saturn, planet of tests and challenges, faces off in a stressful opposition to Pluto, adding more stress to this dynamic.  It’s not surprising […]

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The astrology of Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore divorceMuch has been said lately about Ashton Kutcher’s alleged adultery, and the possible demise of the May/December relationship is being blamed on their age difference.  But I suspect it has more to do with the fact that Ashton’s chart reveals a psychological conflict between a serious and sensible nature and a yearning to be free.

Ashton’s chart (source: Astrotheme) shows that he is a New Moon personality, with the Sun and Moon conjoined in Aquarius.  New Moon people are somewhat impulsive and can have a tendency towards rash behavior – they are on the path of a new beginning and carry a great deal of excitement with them.  The fact that the New Moon is in Aquarius adds an even greater touch of eccentricity and a desire to be authentic and true to one’s own self.  The New Moon configuration (and Mercury, the planet of the mind) fall in the Ninth House of travel and adventure, revealing Ashton’s need for experiences that continue to broaden his horizons and deepen his understanding.

That New Moon also conjoins Venus (attraction and relationships) at the Midheaven of the chart, the point of highest aspiration, with both Venus and the Midheaven also in Aquarius and all three planets are in a harmonious trine to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune.  This is a very positive aspect for career success, but it also alludes to the importance of relationships in advancing his career.  This is a powerful Aquarian influence that can be brilliant and innovative, but also detached and isolated.  Aquarius has two rulers: Saturn (the detached and isolated influence) and Uranus (the brilliant innovator).  Yet both of these planets have something in common – neither […]

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The Astrology of Barbie

No doll has been as well-loved or as despised as the Barbie doll.  Created by Ruth Handler in the 1950s, she was first introduced to the world at the International Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959 which is considered Barbie’s official birthday.

I was unable to find the time of day that Barbie was first introduced, but assuming that she was introduced sometime between 10 am and 3 pm her birthchart shows a tight conjunction between the Sun and the Moon, both in Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of the dreamer, the mystic, and the creative imagination and there is no doubt that Barbie captured the imagination of many a young girl in the 1960s, including me.

She also served as the hook upon which to project all of our adolescent fantasies, another key theme of Pisces. MG Lord, author of Barbie’s unauthorized biography, wrote “People project fears and prejudices onto her; when a person talks at length about Barbie, one usually learns more about the speaker than the doll.”  Ruth Handler herself said, ” “I wanted [little girls] to be able to dream their dreams through Barbie.”  Barbie – the Pisces dreamer and the one who is dreamed. For more on Barbie’s feminist roots see this excellent paper.

Born right after the New Moon (the New Moon that day occurred at 6 am – was there an astrologer in the house?), Barbie is a New Moon personality – fresh, original, optimistic, and ready to begin a brand new life.  Barbie was the first of a series of adult-looking dolls for children that changed forever the way dolls were seen by parents and children all over the world.

Barbie is often criticized by feminists but Barbie was actually one of the first […]

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