February 15th eclipse at the Aquarius New Moon- Write your own story

partial solar eclipse February 15 Photo by Matt Hecht

Although the eclipse on February 15th is a partial one, it still packs a strong astrological punch. There is a powerful compression of energies in the chart of the New Moon with six planets falling within a 30 degree arc, plus the North Node of fate, plus Juno, the asteroid of marriage and spiritual union.  You can see what a driver this New Moon will be to push us out of a deep sleep or unconsciousness into an awakened state.  A strong Jupiter aspect at the New Moon adds a grace card, but also suggests that we may overreact to these energies and exhaust ourselves.  Care should be taken to stay grounded during the period around the New Moon, because Aquarius (and Uranus, a strong influence here) are electromagnetic in nature and can burn out the nervous system if we aren’t careful. Loved ones will play an important part of the transitions during this lunar event.

Jupiter is in a tight square to the New Moon, showering us with hope and a longing to be more, have more, and do more than ever before.  We are also filled with new ideas thanks to a strong Uranus influence which helps us to see past the boundaries of the past into ways to find innovative new experiences.  Uranus rules Aquarius (modern ruler) so it rules this New Moon as well and accentuates the power of this New Moon to break us out of any ruts we have fallen into and move into a more authentic mode of being. Like any New Moon, this is a time of new beginnings – a time to set new intentions for new blessings to bring into […]

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New Moon in Cancer, July 8 2013

Art by SB Mathieu Art by SB Mathieu

Today’s Cancerian New Moon comes on the heels of the transit of the Moon through the Uranus/Pluto square  as it prepares to meet the Sun for the New Moon, so the theme of the emotionality of Cancer set against the backdrop of the larger force for change that is the challenging dance between Uranus and Pluto (see the comments in the sidebar if you are not familiar with this cycle).

When the Moon is in Cancer we tend to be a little moody as our emotions take precedence. Family and friends become more important and there is a desire to nestle into a safe space free from intrusion by the chaotic world around us.  With the outer world more chaotic now, finding balance is even more crucial than usual and this is the theme of this New Moon.

The Moon and Sun are conjoined at the New Moon, fusing the solar conscious experience with the lunar instinctive drives.  At this New Moon that conjunction is opposite Pluto, suggesting that there is a reaction to the pressure for transformation that Pluto applies, especially now as it is squared by Uranus. In fact, the New Moon itself is squared by Uranus and becomes a part of that larger dynamic which calls on us to leave the past behind and surrender any part of our identity that no longer serves us in our Brave New World. The New Moon also includes a conjunction to Mercury, suggesting that our innate intelligence is an aid at this time.

As a glorious blessing, the New Moon is also the apex of a Kite formation that includes a harmonious watery Grand Trine to […]

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New Moon in Gemini, June 12 2010

New Moon Gemini June 12For the next few weeks with Mercury in its own sign of Gemini the mental realm is activated, helping ideas to flow smoothly and aiding our ability to adapt to new circumstances. This process is facilitated by the Gemini New Moon on June 12th. The New Moon phase offers an opportunity for a new beginning, and in Gemini this opportunity takes us into the mental realm where we experiment with new ideas and ways of living our life before actually manifesting these ideas into form.
Gemini is the sign that is associated with the mind, but it also has to do with accepting a wide variety of ideas and experimenting with many different kinds of experiences.  Gemini is wide open – everything is considered to have value for its own sake, and there is a keen desire to learn about many things.
The Gemini New Moon is the perfect time to set aside our prejudices and look at our world through new eyes.  What can we learn about the ideas of others; what changes can we make in our lives to give us more flexibility and make it easier to adapt to change.
This New Moon is squared by Saturn, the Lord of Form and Structure, suggesting that there will be some struggle at this New Moon to reconcile the practical aspects of the thought forms we create at this time.  But a harmonious sextile from Venus to Saturn helps us to link the creative force within us (Venus) to our desire to achieve and manifest (Saturn), and a harmonious sextile from Neptune to Ceres can reveal more completely the thread between our spiritual world (Neptune) and the world around us (Ceres).
The […]
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Powerful Virgo New Moon on Friday

art by Oxana Zuboff

The New Moon on Friday September 18, 2009 captures all of the powerful September planetary events and provides us with an opportunity to pull them all together for the new lunar cycle.  New Moons, remember, represent the beginning of a brand new lunar experience as the Moon conjoins the Sun and their dance begins anew.

The New Moon is actually the dark of the Moon – the Sun completely obscures the Moon’s light, and we begin the new cycle in a void.  This is an opportunity to let go of the lessons learned from the previous lunar cycle and begin the anew in the sign of Virgo.

Virgo isn’t a very exciting sign – it won’t bring fame or fortune like Leo, and it won’t attract passion and power like Scorpio.  Virgo is all about the necessary things we have to do to maintain life in a body like eating right, getting enough exercise, making sure our teeth are brushed and our house is clean.  But Virgo also inspires the powers of perception and discrimination.  Under Virgo’s influence we are able to sort through the complex factors that tend to confuse as and achieve clarity and purpose.

This New Moon sits right on the Saturn end of the Saturn/Uranus opposition, suggesting that the tension here between the Uranian drive for change and the Saturnian drive for discipline and convention will be exacerbated, but the Virgo influence will attempt to impose some kind of order on this tension.  Virgo wants to be prepared for everything, and needs a road map before beginning any kind of new adventure.  During this New Moon we will be called on to create a plan and a strategy (Virgo/Saturn) to help […]

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New Moon in Leo today!

The New Moon occurs in late Leo, and in opposition to the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.  New Moons occur when the Sun conjoins the Moon and begins a brand new lunar cycle.  These are good times to begin new projects, especially now as we head into the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde period that begins on September 7th.

The opposition to the Big Three (Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune) shows that in order to create a new beginning with the new lunar cycle, something from the past must be rectified, or surrendered, or transformed.  Jupiter asks that we open our minds to possibilities that are larger than what we might expect.  Chiron seeks to heal wounds from the past that may still be problematic.  And Neptune calls on us to hear the sweet and quiet voice of the Spirit within that connects us to a deep sense of our purpose and our true path.

Leo is the sign of the Self – our sense of Self, our ability to express ourselves and develop a healthy ego and individuality.  Leo is also the sign of royalty, encouraging us to fulfill the role that was served by kings and queens in ancient times of bridging the gap between humanity and the gods.  There is a nobility to Leo and a deep inner sense of importance that walks a tightrope between the healthy ego and attachment to the gratification of the ego.  Leo also suggests the beauty of the divine child.  You may want to listen to the edition of Astrological Musings Radio in which I discuss the nature of Leo and the healthy ego.

This is the perfect time to begin a process of self-understanding, or something that is creative.  and […]

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