October 10

Happy 10/10/10!!

Here is an interesting article on the numerological component of October 10, 2010 and tens in particular:

10 is the number on which we tend to judge perfection. “10 out of 10!” “A perfect 10!” “On a scale of 1 to 10.” But 10 is not the number of perfection. It depicts ‘the very best we can do at the time’ which is something we can ALL aspire to. 10 provides a new level of determination that helps us create an opening in the ‘rut’ so that a real and meaningful change of direction can be taken.

10 is the basis of the decimal system on which most currencies and many other essential aspects of our lives are based.

The war in Afghanistan entered it’s 10th year in the 10th month of 2010.

And, of course, welcome to the decade of the TENS! A decade is an increment of 10 years in our linear time, in which specific themes define the nature of the 10 year cycle. Yes, we have been in the 2010s since the beginning of the year, but now in October, the 10th month, the number 10 is actually being recognized en masse, and can help us recognize what our individual next steps need to be.

10’s influence will continue until the end of 2019. This is good news because, although the world will not stabilize any time soon, and is likely to become even more volatile, this decade gives us a little more time to learn what we need to learn – about the very first and most basic number — #1. The number of THE SELF, which now has the opportunity to evolve to new levels in terms of increased awareness and innovation. New […]

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The significance of 10/10/10: a lecture

Art from Vibrakeys

I recently received an invitation to an event in Asheville called the Stargate Portal Opening on October 10, 2010.  According to Enoch, as channeled through Dr Raja Merk Dove,  “On this Sacred Day ye call 10-10-10 the Atlantean Crystals, long held in dormancy beneath Mount Pisgah, in North Carolina will be  reactivated as per cosmic design destiny and this Cosmic Trigger at 6 am DAWN on the morning of October 10.”  Asheville does have a surprising amount of quartz crystal in the ground beneath the town, and in the buildings themselves; a fact which is often used to explain the quirky nature of Asheville.

Channelers everywhere are having a field day.  Suzanna Kennedy, channeling the “Council of One,” writes:

The significance of this 10:10:10 Stargate opening is such that we, the Council of One, encourage you to power up your I AM Presence. In the alignment of your many selves with Your Self, then come into alignment with the I AM of All in One.

This is the first time in your celestial history that that you have experienced this 10:10 Stargate while the Celestial Unity Wave is flowing. This generates a wave of change so profound; your very particles of light spin differently than before. Spinning faster, jumping, twirling in joy; expressing an ecstatic dance of particles on waves of unity.

When you become conscious of this Sacred Union, it gladdens your heart. The frequency of joy and your focus upon unity will be like a rocket booster to the collective consciousness of humanity; raising all to a timeline that is even more graceful than before.

Your world is transforming. Yes. Humans tend not to like change. And transformation is BIG CHANGE. This is difficult to cope […]

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