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Pakistan Erupts in Violence and the Upcoming Uranus/Pluto Square

An escalating wave of violence struck Pakistan over the past eleven days is a hint of what I believe we will be seeing over the next few years as Uranus and Pluto begin to align in square formation.  This kind of insurgency is gaining a foothold not only in Afghanistan and Iraq, but in Somalia, Pakistan, the Congo, Thailand and, according to Russian news reports, spilling over into central Asia such as Tajikistan.  I’ll be writing more about this later, but when Uranus moves into Aries next June the revolutionary (Uranus) rage (Aries) will become even stronger and will result in more extreme measures to contain it (Pluto).

Pakistan has an intense astrological chart, with five planets in Leo and Mars sitting right at the Midheaven of the chart.  (There are several charts for Pakistan.  Pakistan’s legal independence became official at midnight on August 15, 1947, but it is generally celebrated on August 14th.  However, the oath of office to the first Governor General at 9:30 am, making the new government official.  We typically use the signing of a constitutional document as the birth time, but in the case of Pakistan a Constitution was not signed until 1956.  The independent government of Pakistan therefore began when the oath of office was administered to the new head of that government, August 14, 1947 at 9:30 am.)

I first wrote about Pakistan two years ago when Benazir Bhutto was killed as transiting Pluto formed an exact square to the ascendant and midheaven of the Pakistan chart.  At the time, I wrote “This is just the beginning of the crisis in Pakistan that is likely to begin a series of events that will lead us […]

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More on the Pakistan crisis

Thanks to Joe for the heads up on JM’s analysis of the situation in Pakistan. I have left her a comment to see where she obtained the data for the partition chart is midnight of August 15, 1947. The chart usually used (and the one I have used for my analyses) is for August 14, 1947 at 9:30 am when the republic of Pakistan was declared, and some astrologers use the 1956 birth of the Islamic Republic.

At any rate, JM as always has a very interesting take on the situation:

The departure of Benazir Bhutto is an auspicious event metaphysically. And she was fully prepared. It occurred with Mars retrograde in Cancer indicating that Pakistan cannot go back to the past and that the Islamic worldwide revolution can proceed. People think the religious struggle on the planet now is primarily among Christians, Jews, and Moslems, but this is not the case. The conflict among Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists is a basic part of the situation and the separation of Pakistan from India is intrinsic to the story. The partition was a terrible event in Asia’s history and is still causing problems, symbolic of the global separations people are dealing with now as Pluto slowly leaves Sagittarius.

The partition of Pakistan and India along religious lines resulted in the largest migration in human history, with 17 million people fleeing across the borders in both directions to escape the accompanying sectarian violence.
Civil division has caused some of the worst difficulties known to humanity. If you want to see some amazing astrology take a look at this chart. The birth of Pakistan as a republic was later in 1956, but that’s not the important chart. The partition tells the tale, in terms of the Pluto exit and the ethnic wars.

The […]

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A crisis for Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto was killed yesterday in a suicide bombing widely attributed to the Taliban and Al Qaeda although some suspect the work of Pervez Musharraf while government officials report that no bullet or shrapnel was found in her body and that instead she was killed when she ducked trying to avoid being hit.

At any rate, the attack occurs when transiting Pluto is within seven minutes of the final exact square to the Virgo ascendant and opposition to the Gemini midheaven in the chart of Pakistan, changing the face of the image (Ascendant) as well as its public role (Midheaven) of that country forever. Transits of outer planets to the angles (Ascendant and Midheaven) demonstrate life-changing periods of crisis. Reactions by supporters to Bhutto’s assassination could help to continue to destabilize that already tenuous country which would have ramifications around the world if the hardline Islamists gain even more power there than they had already taken.

Pluto first opposed the Pakistan ascendant back in February through April of 2007, stationing right on the descendant point which governs the polarity between the effect of relationships on the national identity. At the same time, Pluto was exactly square the chart’s Midheaven which includes a conjunction of Mars and Uranus right on the Midheaven point. (see this earlier article for more on the Pakistan chart.) It is no mystery as to why this is such a volatile period in Pakistani history.

Wherever Pluto appears we are always dealing with issues of power as well as of death of an old order and the rebirth of a new one. In early March of 2007 when Pluto was within 10 minutes of an exact opposition to the ascendant, Musharraf suspended the […]

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“Astrologers differ on the fate of Musharraf”

From Andhra News comes this report:

An Indian astrologer thinks that Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf might emerge from his recent troubles, while a British astrologer has predicted that the next two months are the most inauspicious for the General.

Washington, Aug 31 : An Indian astrologer thinks that Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf might emerge from his recent troubles, while a British astrologer has predicted that the next two months are the most inauspicious for the General.

British astrologer SH Shah predicted that it is highly unlikely that Musharraf could hold on to the power that he has enjoyed for the last eight years for any length of time.

“There is at least a 70 per cent chance that by the end of this year, he would be out of power,” he added.

In his horoscope, there are also indications of his changing residence and perhaps settling abroad, Shah said.

From mid-November to August 2008, the planetary aspects of Musharraf’s stars are not only tense, but involve Saturn, which is considered the most malefic planet in astrology, he claimed.

Shah opined that this can be an extremely upsetting and tense period for Musharraf and it can create difficult circumstances over which the General would have very little control.

These aspects also create a lot of inner and outer conflicts where the Pakistani military leader’s opponents would have an edge on him. These planetary aspects can bring about life changes beyond recognition.

On September 29, Mars is moving into the 12th house of Musharraf where it would stay until May 2008. The 12th house is considered the house of confinement and old Arab astrologers used to call it the house of enemies.

Mars, which rules the military, is not good news in this house for the Pakistani leader, Shah said.

However, the Washington-based astrologer, Ronnie Datta believes that the […]

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