12.2.20 Pallas and Saturn combine for grounded wisdom today

art by Emily Balivet

The asteroid Pallas signifies Divine Wisdom and victory, and she has been traveling along with the Capricorn Trio (Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn) for much of this year suggesting that even though Capricornian restriction and the need for rebuilding the scaffolding that holds up our lives has been stressful, there has been a divine plan behind every action.  Today Pallas links up with Saturn, the King (ruler) of Capricorn, to aid in the rebuilding process.  The summer of retrogrades is behind us, and the creation process has already begun.

Today’s Moon in Cancer pulls us more deeply into the inner realms of feelings and compassion helping to integrate the inner world of what fulfills the soul with the outer world of what we have to do.  Meanwhile Pallas inspires us to see with new eyes, and works together with Saturn to find a way forward to build new structures to support us in the new world that is to come.

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