12.8.20 Pallas enters Aquarius today, paving the way for Saturn and Jupiter

art by Jen Delyth

The asteroid Pallas has been moving in and out of Aquarius along with Saturn beginning the end of April but today she moves into Aquarius, blazing the trail for the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Pallas is the goddess of divine intelligence and wisdom – she represents the root of all wisdom, and helps us to gain a higher understanding of our world, rising above our own concepts and beliefs to see a bigger picture.  Pallas is quite comfortable in Aquarius, since under the influence of Aquarius we tend to de-personalize and see a situation through the lens of the collective rather than the personal.

With Pallas leading the way, there is the potential for this higher level of understanding to prepare us for the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter to Saturn on the 21st.  Under the modern rulership of Uranus, Aquarius awakens humanity to a higher voice and inspiration, calling us to radically change the way we build our lives. We will need the wisdom of Pallas to help us forge a new way through, and that’s exactly what we have right now. ❤️  The image I chose for this post is actually a depiction of Arianrhod, the Welsh star goddess. 

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