Pisces New Moon

New Moon in Pisces, February 21 2012

Art from Bianca Clipperton. Today’s New Moon is a juicy one, and will carry us into a new beginning of spiritual sensitivity and compassionate opening of the heart.

The New Moon in Pisces occurs on February 21 st. This is a particularly powerfully Neptunian New Moon since Neptune and Chiron flank the Sun and Moon, all within four degrees of each other. Mercury is also in Pisces, and if we look at the asteroids as well we see Pallas linking the Sun and Chiron.

Neptune and Pisces encourage us to transcend the physical world and delve into the mysteries of spirituality, of creativity. There is a yearning under this influence to be free from the trappings of the material world – to flee from the potential ugliness of our reality and merge with the great Unknown that lies on the other side of conscious awareness. This can be an experience of incredible inspiration. It can also promote confusion and delusion.

New Moons are always times of new beginnings – it’s the beginning of the new lunar cycle when the solar and lunar principles are fused and integration can occur. This New Moon is the perfect time for a spiritual retreat, or to focus on a project involving artistry or some other type of creativity such as music and dance. Any experience in which we can let go of ourselves and allow the divinity to channel through us will be heightened and enhanced under this New Moon. Mercury in Pisces helps us to release the mind into the transcendent experience, although an opposition from Mars to Mercury will evoke a fire influence that will need to be managed in some way (ideally through integration of fire and enthusiasm into the creative spirituality […]

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New Moon in Pisces!

The New Moon on Monday follows a conjunction of the Sun to Mercury this weekend that has activated our intelligence and facilitated our reasoning.  This New Moon is a majestic lunar event that includes not only the Sun and Moon, but also an exact conjunction of Mercury to Uranus within a degree of the Sun/Moon alignment.

Uranus is considered the “higher octave” of Mercury, and it represents the higher mind where Mercury represents the individual mind. Pisces, of course, rules over the realm of imagination and creativity, but also the spiritual connection that we all yearn for in one form or another. The creative impulse that is borne out of this New Moon is powerful and intelligent in its impact, and can be harnessed for great things.

New Moons are celebrated as times of new beginnings, and this New Moon is definitely worth planning for due to the inspiration that is unlocked here. The chart for the lunation shows an unaspected Venus in independent Aries which suggests that this is not so much time for collaboration as it is for initiating new ideas and new inner awakenings.

The influence of this New Moon will last for at least a few days until the Sun conjoins Uranus on the 17th, enhancing the sense of awakening and fresh newness in the air.

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Comet Lulin and the Pisces New Moon

The Moon enters Pisces this morning at 8 am EST, turning our attention to matters beyond the sphere of the ordinary mundane world.  Under the Pisces influence we seek comfort – whether spiritual or from less divine sources such as drugs, alcohol or television.  The connection to the Divine is stronger under the Pisces influence since the boundaries of material reality become more permeable, and this also heightens our creativity.

The Moon forms a nice aspect to Pluto that will begin to make itself known in the late morning and will culminate at 1:30 pm, paving the way for the New Moon.  New Moons occur when the Sun (conscious mind) conjoins the Moon (instinctive emotions), and begins a new lunar cycle.  New Moons are therefore thought to be excellent times to begin new projects or start a new endeavor and the energy of this New Moon, with the excitement of the Aquarius stellium, offers abundant opportunities for heightened creativity and divine inspiration.

Comet Lulin comes closer to earth tonight than it will be during its entire visit but it will be visible over the next few days, coinciding with the effect of the New Moon.  News reports say that the comet’s atmosphere is shedding 800 gallons of water every second, “enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool in less than 15 minutes.”  This water connection is very interesting considering the fact that the Comet arrives at the time of the New Moon in the watery sign of Pisces and at a time when there are no other planets in water except for Uranus which is a very dry planet.  The strong Aquarian influence right now is also very dry, and this green Comet with all of its water symbology is an interesting visitor at this time.

Here is […]

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The Comet Cometh – the astrology of Lulin’s approach

photo from Spaceweather.

Comet Lulin will make its closest approach to Earth on February 24.  Joseph Mina wrote in the comments a few days ago, ” interesting how Comet Lulin, whose orbital movement is opposite (clockwise) the planets, will conjunct Saturn during the current Saturn/Uranus opposition. Wonder what message this “uranian type” cosmic messenger has to share?”

(See earlier article here.)  This Comet is particularly Uranian because its orbit is in the opposite direction from other planetary bodies.  It does not appear to have a regular visitation pattern, and coming during this intense Aquarian time perhaps it brings a message of surprises that come out of nowhere to completely change our world.

Comet Lulin is making its visitation on the day of the New Moon when six planets are in Aquarius and the New Moon is in Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of transcendence, where ordinary reality becomes blurred and we become open to higher powers, divine beings, and creative inspiration.  Combined with the sudden electrical surprises of Uranus and Aquarius, the transcendence of Pisces creates an openness to the spiritual realms that can be quite intense.

The comet will be traveling through Virgo when it is visible, and it will be very close to Saturn so it will set off the opposition of Saturn and Uranus.  The New Moon also forms a sextile to Pluto, so there is a transformational element at work here.  The symbology of the Comet, a temporary visitor to the Universe in the midst of this planetary festival, suggests to me a dramatic turn of events that gets our attention!

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