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Sunday Inspiration: Creation and Destruction

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Pluto, planet of creative destruction, is stationary now and preparing to change direction.  While it is stationary, its influence is at its most intense.  Although the New Moon in Libra is still affecting us, we will soon be moving into Scorpio season – the season ruled by Mars and Pluto.  I thought this poem would give us a good head start in understanding Pluto’s model of creation and destruction. I don’t believe it can be understood with logic – instead we must feel it and allow the understanding to sink into our thoughts and intentions like morning dew. 

When you break something up, you create things.
When you create something, you destroy things.
Material things have no creation or destruction.
Ultimately these concepts connect as one.

Only the enlightened know that they connect as one,
So instead of debating this with your preconceptions,
Approach it in an ordinary way.

Those with this ordinary approach, simply apply the idea.
Those who apply it, connect with it.
Those who connect with it, attain it.
This easily attained understanding is not far off.


Chuang Tzu, – From: The True Tao

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Pluto retrograde hits the stock market

The US stock markets saw their steepest declines of the year today after a week of downward movement as Pluto slowed down to a crawl in preparation to turn retrograde today.

A very brief (5 minute) study disproved my initial theory that Pluto retrograde events correlated with a downturn in the stock market.  But every market period is different and brings with it unique combinations of planetary energies that affect investors in different ways.

The stock market has been on an upswing since November, buoyed by the perception that the financial crisis is ending.  But Mars is opposing Neptune now, and the drive to achieve and to do (Mars) is clouded by Neptunian disillusionment and confusion, which has likely made the approaching Plutonic dynamic seem overly dark and scary.

Pluto is stationing right now – it won’t actually turn retrograde until the 11th.  The opposition of Mars to Neptune will continue over the next week as Mars itself stations and turns direct, at which point we will see more forward movement in every area of our lives.

Meanwhile, this is probably a time to pull back and adopt a “wait and see” attitude before jumping into the markets.  With all of these reversals it will take some time for the truth to filter through the illusion and reality to set in.

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Pluto prepares to retrograde and another earthquake

earth changesHappy Monday Morning!

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico and California yesterday, a force equivalent to the earthquake that struck Haiti earlier this year.  This quake occurred right on schedule according to astrologer Richard Nolle who predicted an upsurge in seismic activity during the March 27-April 5 time period around the Libra Full Moon.  Richard has long written that when the Moon is at perigee (closest to the earth) her influence is more powerful and more likely to induce seismic activity and we have certainly seen that over the last couple of months.

In other news, Pluto has slowed down to a standstill in preparation for its retrograde turn on April 6th.  When a planet changes direction it tends to have a more powerful influence, and because Pluto’s domain includes issues of power and secrets, expect over the next few months to see revelations of secrets that have long been buried such as the acceleration of victims of sexual abuse by priests coming forward over the past weeks.

Because Pluto is in Capricorn, where it is restructuring the foundations of our societies, we are likely to see some reversals in decisions that have occurred since November when Pluto was last retrograde, especially in the banking industry and in governments around the world.  I have long suspected that in Capricorn, the sign representing the solid foundations on which we build our lives, Pluto would bring earthquakes and other kinds of earth changes, and this seems to be occurring as I suspected.

In our personal lives we will be asked once again to eliminate anything that no longer serves us.  Pluto spends nearly six months retrograde out of every year, and these are often periods of self-examination and personal […]

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