Pluto transit to Chiron

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and Blogiversary to me!

Astrological MusingsIt was Thanksgiving of 2005 when this blog began.  My sister, already a prolific blogger, helped me get Astrological Musings set up on Blogger, and the rest is history.  At the time there were just a handful of astrology blogs: Elsa, of course, and Robert, and Jeff’s blog at the time was “Astrology at the Movies.”   Things have changed – currently there are 187 members of our Astrology Bloggers Facebook group.

My second Saturn Return began last fall with a burst of productivity, but the second phase in the spring was marked by a blog crisis of major proportions as Astrological Musings quit BeliefNet to move to Patheos, only to be dropped by Patheos under threat of a lawsuit from BeliefNet.  Who knew Astrological Musings was so valuable!

The Saturn Return wasn’t all I went through this summer and fall – the Uranus/Pluto square fell right on Chiron in my natal chart, opening up old wounds and unearthing layers of emotional sensitivity that were ripe for the healing process.  During this period my mother nearly died, an incredibly intense experience that took me literally into the realm of Pluto and clearing some of the karmic garbage between my mother and myself.

I have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  I am grateful that many of the readers who started this blog with me back in the early days are still with me.  I am grateful for the healing that has taken place with my mother and my sister, even though it was painful and disturbing at times.  I […]

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Robert Hawkins: Astrological profile of the Mall Shooter

Last Thursday, December 5, a young man walked into a shopping mall in Omaha Nebraska and shot thirteen people, eight of them fatally, before turning the gun on himself. He left a suicide note saying that he was a piece of s&*t and that now he would be famous.

Nineteen year old Robert Hawkins had a long and troubled history of rage and depression. At the age of three his parents divorced, and by the age of six he was in trouble at school for biting and hitting his teachers. He became the subject of a messy custody dispute that included allegations of cocaine and drug use by Robert’s mother. Robert’s father subsequently gained sole custody and Robert was raised along with his father’s two children with his new wife. By the time he was fourteen (the age when transiting Saturn opposes its place in the natal chart) he had been hospitalized twice for psychiatric illness. Counselors reported that Robert longed for the attention of his parents.

In 2002 he was sent to a treatment center for threatening to kill his stepmother, and made a ward of the state. He was treated for depression and was in foster care and various institutions and in 2005 was convicted of felony drug possession. In mid-2006 he moved in with two friends and their mother because of problems at home, but when his girlfriend broke up with him a few months ago his fragile mental condition began to deteriorate. He was arrested November 24 for underage possession of alcohol, and lost his job at McDonald’s on December 2.

Hawkins’ chart
shows a rage problem, but certainly his chart is not more troubled than many others. His Taurus Sun is in a tight square to Mars in Aquarius which shows a tendency […]

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