7.16.21 – Facing hard truths with Sun opposite Pluto

art by Marta Orlowska

While the skies are relatively quiet today with no exact aspects, the Cancer Sun is moving into an opposition to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn which culminates tomorrow.  Under the influence of retrograde Pluto we are going back over difficult chinks in our reality to see what can be repaired and what must be left behind, and the Sun illuminates any of these issues we may be dealing with.  Perhaps our lives our functioning exactly as they need to be, and as we want them to be, and in that case Pluto empowers and offers strength.  Either way, the next couple of days have the potential to be potent times for realizations and wisdom.

Adding to this theme is the harmonious trine from Pluto to Ceres which peaks today.  Ceres is the planet of self-care and nurturing the body’s connection to spirit and soul, so the Pluto influence will call attention to ways in which we can improve this connection. This is a good time for nourishment of the body through food, nourishment of the mind through learning and imagination, nourishment of the soul by turning within and finding a peaceful place in which to spend a moment and calm the nerves. ❤️

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