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7.8.21 – The Venus lesson of attraction

art by Phil Sadler

Mars and Venus are very personal planets, and where we were in Mars territory last week, this week Venus is the star of the show.  Mars desires and has needs which are obtained through demands, but Venus is more subtle – the desires are obtained through the sheer power of attraction.  Under a Venus influence such as we have now, the magnetic resonance of Venus draws the things which we value and desire to us without much effort.  We sometimes think that only certain people possess this power but we all have Venus present in our charts, and we all possess the ability to attract positive things that are in harmony with our values.

First, though, we have to know something about those values, and they don’t always get along. We may want to have adventures, but also need security.  We may desire a long-term partner, but cherish our freedom.  Jupiter, the greater benefic as it’s called, bestows the confidence and ability to recognize possibilities, but Venus is the star which draws experiences to us.  Today, with Venus in Leo in a strong square aspect to Uranus, planet of change, we can more easily imagine what will bring us that personal joy (Leo) that we crave.  Uranus breaks up patterns and stuck energies, and we can either co-create a new reality or pick up the pieces afterwards! ❤️

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Planetary news this week: the Venus/Mars dance October 2017

Yin Yowl

Venus and Mars begin a new cycle in Virgo in October, symbolizing the eternal dance between feminine and masculine, receptive and assertive, light and dark, negative and positive, yin and yang.

These polarities are interdependent – neither can exist without the other – and they are equal in value.  At times various cultures may ascribe more value to one quality or another (for example, matriarchal cultures may value the peace-seeking qualities of Venus where warrior cultures will value the aggressive energy of Mars), but in their purest form they are equal and balanced.

Finding balance between two polarities is an important part of the astrological symbolism – the twelve zodiac signs consist of six pairs of opposites and each pair requires the other to balance and integrate.  The same is true of Venus and Mars.  Venus is receptive – it represents the force of magnetic attraction.  Under the influence of Venus we attract lovers, money, and other good things, and we learn how to increase that power of attraction by the way in which we interact with the people and things around us.  Mars, however, goes after what it wants.  Mars is the principle of action and motivation, and when the principle of action is thwarted frustration results so Mars also traffics in anger and rage.

In relationships, Venus makes sacrifices for the sake of peace and harmony where Mars seeks personal gratification and the meeting of one’s own needs.  Both are equally important although we sometimes tend to value one over the other.

The conjunction, the meeting of the two planets, is the beginning of a new Venus/Mars cycle.  Like a New Moon, new planetary cycles offer a fresh beginning.  This is an opportunity to find new balance […]

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